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Miss Csiba & Ms Springer

Miss Csiba and Ms Springer


Hello there and a very warm welcome to our class page!  We have had a very hardworking start to the new academic year and we are ready for the exciting learning journey ahead of us!


Miss Csiba and Ms Springer teach us during the week.  Miss Hornsey works with us every day and is enjoying challenging us and enhancing our learning in English and mathematics.  We are also very lucky to have Mrs Webb working with us in the mornings and Mrs Cooper in the afternoons.

Reading in Year 1 and Year 2

We have a special book bag and a brand new reading record that we must ensure we have with us every day.  We are able to change our school reading books as soon as we have finished them and there is a parent's signature in our reading record.  As our reading progresses, the length of our books tend to grow and changing regularly isn't always possible.  It is important, however, that we read as much as possible and as Year 1 and 2 children, the minimum our teachers would like us to spend time reading at home is three times a week.

Woodhall Spa Library

Every term, we have the opportunity to visit our local library.  We invite parents and family members to come with us, not only to help deliver us safely, but also to spend time with us discussing our favourite types of books and exploring different genres. 

Our Belongings

It is important that we have our named PE kit, hanging on our pegs, at the beginning of every week.  


We are encouraged to bring our named water bottles, washed and refilled, every day...a water bottle is never far away from Miss Csiba - as well as many other benefits from drinking fresh water, she knows that staying alert and keeping her brain fuelled is essential for learning.


We all have many special things - thoughts, memories and things that have been given to us or we have bought ourselves that we would like to share with one another.  Giving time to really listen to each other is something that is important to our confidence and our sense of belonging.  Each week, one of us is chosen to take home 'The Special Box'.  We can choose up to five things to share with the rest of the class - this is a lovely activity and we look forward to learning so much more this year.   

Term 1 - Rock and Roll

The Stone Age is the first period in human history, spanning over two million years...

*How did people live and survive in the Stone Age?

*What did people eat?

*Which animals lived in the Stone Age?

*What can we learn from the tools people made?

*Where can you still see cave paintings today?

There are so many questions to explore - which we will be doing through our themed work.  We are particularly looking forward to listening to and learning from one of our parents who is a real life archaeologist!

This term is going to be fantastic!