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Miss Csiba & Ms Springer

Miss Csiba and Ms Springer


Hello there and a very warm welcome to our class page!  We have had a super first week and are ready for our exciting learning journey!


Miss Csiba and Ms Springer teach us during the week.  Mrs Duke works with us every morning and enjoys challenging us, particularly in Mathematics!

Reading in Year 2

We have a special book bag and a brand new reading record that we must ensure we have with us every day.  We are able to change our school reading books on a Monday, Wednesday and a Friday.  As our reading progresses, the length of our books tend to grow and changing regularly isn't always possible.  It is important, however, that we read as much as possible and as Year 2 children, the minimum our teachers would like us to spend time reading at home is three times a week.

Woodhall Spa Library

Every month, we have the opportunity to visit our local library.  We invite parents and family members to come with us, not only to help deliver us safely, but also to spend time with us discussing our favourite types of books and exploring different genres. 

Our Belongings

It is important that we have our named PE kit, hanging on our pegs, at the beginning of every week.  


We are encouraged to bring our named water bottles, washed and refilled, every day...a water bottle is never far away from Miss Csiba - as well as many other benefits from drinking fresh water, she knows that staying alert and keeping her brain fuelled is essential for learning.


We all have many special things - thoughts, memories and things that have been given to us or we have bought ourselves that we would like to share with one another.  Giving time to really listen to each other is something that is important to our confidence and our sense of belonging.  Each week, one of us is chosen to take home 'The Special Box'.  We can choose up to five things to share with the rest of the class - this is a lovely activity and we look forward to learning so much more this year.   

Term 6 - Chocolate

What an exciting theme to finish the academic year with!

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is a brilliant text to use as a stimulus for English and we are really enjoying comparing characters - their feelings and their motives.  Geography has taken us to the tropical forests of the world where we are learning all about the cacao tree and the pods that grow on its trunk and branches.  We are looking forward to planning and carrying out investigations in Science and Art will develop our skills of colour-mixing as we create some fantastic colourful designs.


Children - Ms Springer, Mrs Duke and Miss Csiba are really proud of you and your hard-working year.

Term 5 - Circle of Life

Our theme, this term, will be very much led by our science and geography work.  Using the local environment, we will be encouraged to raise and answer questions that help to identify and study animals in their habitat; recognising how the habitat might change throughout the year.  Woodhall Spa has very much to offer and we will be using fieldwork techniques to explore, gather and analyse information about the village.  3D modelling continues to be a focus this term, and in Art, we are hoping to create some wonderful animal sculptures.

Term 4 - We'll Meet Again

'When Lenny's father goes off to fight in the Second World War, he gives his son a brass badge of a lion and a unicorn fighting each other and tells him to be brave.  Soon Lenny is evacuated from the war-torn streets of London to a big house in the country, but the only place he feels safe is the secret walled garden.'  This story, 'The Lion and the Unicorn' by Shirley Hughes, has captured our imaginations.  We are using it as a starting point for our descriptive writing and it will also support our learning in History when focusing on evacuees.  For part of our theme, we are hoping to construct some vehicles that would have had particular jobs during World War II.  If you have any empty cereal boxes, or cardboard boxes of similar size, please could your child bring them in to add to our collection ready for our model-making?  We would really appreciate it - thank you.



Term 3 - Yesterday

Happy New Year!  We hope you had a good Christmas and are refreshed ready for the new term.  'Lily and the Snowman'is our focus for the first two weeks - it is a thought-provoking film, recommended by The Literacy Shed, and the children are already enjoying venturing into their imaginations.  This theme will help us to compare autumn, spring and summer with winter, and we are looking forward to creating some seasonal collages.  Following on from this, we will be exploring the history of sound recording - something Miss Csiba is extremely interested in, and we will be using The Beatles to inspire our dance sessions.  

Term 2 - Patterns in Nature

We began the term learning about Festivals of Light and their significance in different parts of the world - we worked hard to develop our information writing and were able to produce some fantastic pieces of work.  Over the next few weeks, we will be using the John Lewis advert, Bear and the Hare, to explore narrative and prepare us for winter.  In History, we have nearly completed our newspaper reports about the Gunpowder Plot - once tea stained, they will make a fabulous display.  Plants and habitats is our focus in Science and in Art, we are looking forward to creating some pieces inspired by the natural world.


Term 1 - Our Favourite Things

This theme is a really good starting point for us - we love to share our thoughts and feelings and are looking forward to learning more about one another.  We have lots of exciting activities planned this term...poetry performances in English... new challenges in Maths...investigations in Science...explorations in Geography - we are going to have a busy time!  Spanish is new to our KS1 school curriculum this year and Mrs Lauder, who will be teaching us, has planned some exciting sessions  - Ms Springer, Mrs Duke and Miss Csiba will have to be on their toes when we dazzle them with our knowledge!