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Welcome to our new school year! Mrs Hunter and Mrs Leggate are thoroughly enjoying teaching Class 1 HL already - we are having lots of fun! Mrs Hunter is working on a Monday, Tuesday and every alternate Wednesday, whilst Mrs Leggate is working every alternate Wednesday and then every Thursday and Friday. The teaching assistant in our classroom will be Mrs Webb who will be with us every morning. 

Mrs Lauder will be teaching us Spanish on a Tuesday afternoon and Miss Csiba will be teaching us Music on a Tuesday morning.  What an exciting curriculum we have! 



We are very lucky to have some Penpals in Qatar and also in Scotland. We have sent them a letter already and are waiting for their reply. We have told them all about Woodhall Spa, what we like doing and about how wonderful our school is. We have looked at what Qatar is like - the terrain, climate and location as well as what the school is like that we are Penpals with. It is definitely a different way of life and it is excellent that the children get to see this.



This term, we are learning all about the Great Fire of London! Look below at our pictures and see some of the children's fabulous writing. We have seen huge improvements in their writing in just a few weeks - well done to them all! Children have been writing poetry, diary entries (like Samuel Pepys) and have been doing some excellent art work.

In our classroom, we have our 'Proud as a Peacock' board, which displays the children's best work throughout the year. Please feel free to come in and see what the children have been up to!



This term, we are looking at the book 'Lost and Found' by Oliver Jeffers. We will be looking at the arctic regions, the animals which live there and the explorer, Robert Scott. 

The children were amazed when they returned to the classroom one day and discovered a trail of fish, then a photo emerged from outside the school of a penguin walking along King Edward Crescent! How did that get there? Where has it come from? Why is it here? Why did it leave a trail of fish in our classroom?

     Already, we have done some fantastic writing which we will add to the site soon. 


Olivia's inference and deduction skills were fabulous when reading 'Lost and Found'. She is wearing the 'Best thoughts t-shirt' with her idea on. The Post-it-notes shows what the boy could be saying to the birds in the story. 


Don't forget to come in and look at our 'Proud as a Peacock' display; showcasing our best work. 




This term we will be practicing for our KS1 Christmas performance. You will be sent a letter with the character that your child will be, with a request for a costume.  It all looks set to be another fantastic performance from the children!







Mrs Leggate and I hope that you had a fabulous Christmas holiday with your families. 

This term, we are studying 'Space'. We have the Planetarium coming in to school in February which will be a wonderful event of all of KS1. 

In RE, we will be looking at Jewish customs and celebrations. Spiritual Gang will continue so if you want to join us, book your place!




Food, glorious food! We are looking at food and healthy eating this term. We will be making juicy fruit salads, reading 'Handa's Surprise'  this follows on from our work on Kenya during International Week and will be writing instructions during our English lessons. 

In RE, we will of course be studying Easter, the Easter story and symbols that represent Easter. 


Welcome back to Term Five.


We hope you all had a super Easter break and didn't eat too many Easter eggs!!


This term, our learning will be based our on the theme of 'Fairytales and Castles'. We will begin with the story 'Jack and the Beanstalk' before moving on to look at lots more traditional tales. The children will also have opportunity to write a fact file about castles.


Our swimming lessons begin this term and hopefully the weather will be warm. Please ensure your child can independently dress and dry themselves.


As hopefully the weather will be warming up, please ensure you apply suncream to your child before school (many last a full day now) and also that your child has a named sunhat.


More information regarding our learning can be found on our newsletter and as always, please pop in if you have any questions or queries.


Welcome back to Term 6. Thank you very much for your support with our castle project - the children's designs were fantastic and it was lovely to hear the enthusiastic and positive comments from the other children in the school when we showcased them.


This term Mrs Haskins will be teaching the class at the beginning of the week until the end of the year.


 Our topic this term is 'Colours of the World' - we will be looking at the world around us particularly focusing on animals. We will be printing in art and we are looking forward to creating some colourful designs.


The Isle of Mull has a special place in Mrs Major's heart and she would like to share her love of the island with us to support our learning in geography. We will be reading stories about the adventures of Katie Morag.


Of course this term includes sports day and we have already started to prepare the children for their races. We hope to see you supporting from the sidelines.


Please continue to ensure you apply suncream to your child before school and also that your child has a named sunhat and water bottle.


As always, any queries please don't hesitate to contact us!




1Harvest Festival. Joined by Re. Major and our Bishop's Visitor, Mr Wells. Decorations by 1HL!1HL were thrilled to be able to provide all the decorations for our Harvest Festival. We were joined by Rev. Major from St. Peter's Church in Woodhall Spa as well as our new Bishop's Visitor, Mr Wells. 



PE in 1 HL will be on a Thursday. Please make sure that PE kits are in school all term with appropriate clothes for the weather. Please note that due to inclement weather, PE days may change sometimes and so it is important to have PE kits in school at all times. 


Spelling tests will be on a Friday.


We ask that children read at least three times a week and have it signed in their reading records. Reading is so important for a child so we ask that you listen to, and read with, your child as often as possible. 

Book change days will be on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday. 

We will be going to the library once a month so we ask that if there are any parents who could help with this visit, by walking to the library and back, please could you give your names to Mrs Hunter or Mrs Leggate. Many thanks. 


Please make sure that water bottles are in school every day. Drinking water really helps keep our brains active and alert - you won't spot Mrs Leggate or Mrs Hunter without one! It needs to be clearly named and brought back to school every day. 

Great Fire of London writing. The children have only been with us for 3 weeks and they have improved so much already! Well done to them all!

Great Fire of London writing. The children have only been with us for 3 weeks and they have improved so much already! Well done to them all! 1
Great Fire of London writing. The children have only been with us for 3 weeks and they have improved so much already! Well done to them all! 2
Great Fire of London writing. The children have only been with us for 3 weeks and they have improved so much already! Well done to them all! 3
Great Fire of London writing. The children have only been with us for 3 weeks and they have improved so much already! Well done to them all! 4