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Mrs Weaving (Nursery)

Mrs Weaving


Welcome to the class pages for Nursery.  We use these pages to share news and pictures of our time in Nursery. We have two teaching assistants working in Nursery, Miss Hornsey (mornings) and Mrs Poppy (afternoons). 



All the children have a water bottle which should come into Nursery on the days they attend. (just plain water please) We will send it home with them at the end of the day and will always refill it during the day if required.

It is very helpful if all clothes are named and if spare clothes for your child are available in their bags.  We spend time outdoors everyday.  Please send your children with coats, hat and gloves in the cold weather.  Please could we remind parents and carers that children should have sun-cream applied before they come to Nursery in warmer weather.


We offer children an opportunity to borrow a book from our Nursery library to take home and share with family.  These can be changed on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.


As well as our short session in the hall every Monday morning, where the children take part in physical games, we will be playing games on the outdoor playground.  These will focus on building relationships and listening skills as well as being fun.


Term 6

"We're going on a journey" is our theme for this term.  We will be sharing familiar classics such as Handa's Surprise and Going on a Bear Hunt as well some newer books as we talk about the many different journeys we make.  We will be talking about where the children have travelled to and different types of transport.  We hope to use our imagination to go on a magic carpet ride!


Nursery will be joining in the school Sports Day later in the term.  Please send your child with a hat and sun cream applied for the sunny days this term.  We will be spending lots of time outdoors!


Please do ask if you have any questions. 


Term 5

This term we are going "Under the Sea".  The Shark in the Park books have been a firm favourite and the animals in the small world are almost constantly in use.  With so many of our children interested in sharks and other animals we will be exploring the creatures that live under the waves.  We look forward to our Nursery feeling like the ocean with all the children's creations, as they make some of the sea life they are interested in.  We will be learning new rhymes about fish as well as fishing for numbers and looking at patterns on sea creatures.


Outside we will be observing our plants growing.  We have pumpkins shooting, herbs growing and carrots being planted this term.  We will be measuring and recording the changes and hopefully using some of the herbs in our cooking activities.  We hope to make some ice-cream this term, both real for the children to taste and pretend for them to use in their outdoor role play.


Please do ask if you have any questions.  We look forward to a happy and busy term!


Below are pictures of our display board we complete each week.  The children like to stick the photographs on and look at what we have been doing.

How would we get to America?

How would we get to America? 1