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Mrs Weaving (Nursery)

Mrs Weaving


Welcome to the class pages for Nursery.  We use these pages to share news and pictures of our time in Nursery. We have two teaching assistants working in Nursery, Miss Hornsey (mornings) and Mrs Poppy (afternoons). 



All the children have a water bottle which should come into Nursery on the days they attend. (just plain water please) We will send it home with them at the end of the day and will always refill it during the day if required.


It is very helpful if all clothes are named and if spare clothes for your child are available in their bags. Most children prefer their own clothes to change into if they get wet during play.  We value the outdoor environment and spend time outdoors everyday.  Please send your children with coats, hat and gloves in the cold weather and a sun hat during the warmer months.  Please could we remind parents and carers that children should have sun-cream applied before they come to Nursery in warmer weather.


We offer children an opportunity to borrow a book from our Nursery library to take home and share with their family or carers.  All children will be able to change their book on a weekly basis.


The Nursery Class use the school hall for fun, active sessions on a weekly basis. 


Term 3 - "There's a bear on my chair!"

Happy New Year! Welcome back to a busy term filled with exploring ice and "snow", talking about and singing rhymes as well as making pear crumble!  "There's a bear on my chair" is taken from the picture book by Ross Collins that we are using as our starting point.  This book has a polar bear as a central character and we will be talking about the Arctic and many of the animals that live there.  We will also be thinking about our feelings as we look at the mouse character in the story.  We hope that the children will enjoy the fun activities that we have planned and the many different sensory experiences on offer.  If you have any questions or queries, please ask.



Term 2

Our theme this term follows the children's interests in maps and and several famous landmarks, stimulated by the Go Jetters programme which many of them watch.  With this in mind we will "Go Jet Around the World!".  We will be using junk modelling and other construction materials to make the landmarks the children choose.  We will be talking about the different countries and looking at them on a globe and other maps.  We will be thinking about what the people in these countries might eat and hopefully making some of the traditional foods to try.  As the festive season approaches we will be looking at pictures and sharing stories about the Christmas from different countries.  

We look forward to finding out about lots of countries with the children as well as exploring the characters from the programme.    If you have any questions, please do ask.



Term 1

"Me and my family" is our theme for this term.  We look forward to helping the children to get to know each other and talking with the children about the people that are important to them.  We will be creative and make pictures of ourselves using different materials. As we begin to think about how we grow and change, we will be creating a height chart for the children, which they will be able to return to all year as they get taller.  During our activities and talks about family we will be thinking about our similarities and differences.


Please do ask if you have any questions.  We look forward to a happy and busy term!




The children add photographs to our board in Nursery showing activities they have enjoyed.  

Building igloos, investigating camouflage and jumping in muddle puddles!

Building igloos, investigating camouflage and jumping in muddle puddles! 1