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Our admin staff manage the school office and the day to day administration of the school.


Administration Staff
Mrs Garner
Mrs Gowen
Mrs Allan

Mrs Wells is our Learning Mentor. She provides a complementary service to teachers and other staff, addressing the needs of learners who require assistance, at specific times,  in overcoming barriers to learning in order to achieve their full potential.  She works with a range of learners, and deals with a variety of issues which ranges from punctuality, absence, self esteem, bereavement and challenging behaviour. and confidence.  Her role can encompass any learner who may be experiencing any difficulties.


Learning Mentor
Mrs Wells

Our teaching assistants support and guide the learning of the children across the school either within the the class room or by providing small support and extension groups.


Teaching Assistants
Miss Bradley
Mrs Chapman
Mrs Darby
Mrs Dixon
Miss Dowland
Mrs Duke
Mrs Evans
Mrs Green
Mrs Hardy
Mrs Haslam
Mr Komoroczky
Mrs Toulson
Mrs G Webb
Mrs S Webb
Mr Wilkinson

Our midday staff, lead by Mrs Coupland, help the children during the lunch break.


Midday Staff
Mrs Coupland
Mrs Worswick
Mrs Darby
Mrs Eley
Mr Komoroczky
Mrs Nugent
Mrs Siggee
Mrs Sleaford
Mrs G Webb
Mrs S Webb
Mr Wilkinson

Our cleaning staff, lead by Mr Pearson, ensure that the school is clean and well maintained for each day.


Cleaning Staff
Mr Pearson
Mr Komoroczky