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Children isolating at home click here.

This work is for those children who are isolating at home.  Please come back to look at this page regularly to check for updates.  It is organised by subject.  Please complete one activity for each subject each day.


Don't forget to read every day and learn your spellings.  These are in your planner and on this term's class page.


There are activities on Education City to review our work in phonics each week. 



Maths w/c 7.2.2022


This week we working on fractions.


Do you know what a half is?  If you ask for half an apple will you have the same as someone else?


This week we will be recognising and finding halves.  A half is one of two equal parts of an object, shape or quantity.


Print out the pictures and see if you can cut them to make them into halves.  Remember, you will need to make 2 pieces and both will need to be the same.


Wednesday's activity is to investigate making half of a quantity.  You will need some small objects like bricks or pasta to help you to find half.  Remember you need to share the number of bricks into two equal parts.

Phonics w/c 7.2.2022


This week we are starting by thinking about the alternative spelling for the phoneme /oi/.

Start by reading the phoneme spotter and see if you can spot the words with the sound in.  What spellings for this phoneme can you find?


Next use the sorting grid and words.  What do you notice?  Is there a rule we can use when we want to spell a word with this phoneme?