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Children isolating at home click here.

This work is for those children who are isolating at home.  Please come back to look at this page regularly to check for updates.  It is organised by subject.  Please complete one activity for each subject each day.


Don't forget to read every day and learn your spellings.  These are in your planner and on this term's class page.


There are activities on Education City to review our work in phonics each week. 



Maths w/c 24th January 2022


This week we are returning to look at addition.

Make number bonds

Thursday - Add by making ten

You will need counters or small objects to use to practice the activity and a tens frame.

Add by making 10

Phonics w/c 24th January 2022


This week we are looking at the alternative spellings for the sound /ow/ like in cow.

Your task today is to look at the phoneme spotter and read the words carefully.  Use a highlighter pen to underline the words that have our sounds in them.  What graphemes and digraphs can you find?



Practice recognising the different spellings with this sheet.



Use the sheets to sort the words. What do you notice? What spelling might you choose for this sound?  Have a look at the best bet for spelling sheet.


Other subjects


This week we are going to think about how to look after our teeth.


Watch the short story here. Parent's please note that is a youtube link and I cannot control any adverts you might see.


Then look at the first activity.  Which foods are good for our teeth?  Which foods are not healthy for our teeth?


After that there is an information sheet to help you remember how you clean your teeth.  Look at it carefully and then see if you can put the cards on the second sheet in the right order.


We are continuing our work on Islam.  Watch the short film below and then answer the questions on the sheet.