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Enriching Lives

Cinematheque Project

Don't Be A Banana

Another classic St Andrew's film. This film was taken to the London B.F.I. and show to school children from all around the world.

The Game

Another LAFTA winner and Cinematheque final entry. This was great fun to make and the children really needed to use their imagination and creativity when it came to editing this wonderfully ambitious film.

A Brief Case

The Box

   "Our children took their film to Paris to an International celebration of film making."

"We are currently working on a film to take to the London BFI later on in the year!"  


Cinematheque Lumiere Minutes St Andrew's

A Cinematheque group from St Andrew's (six y5 & y6 pupils) focused on three core parts of this composition: foreground, middle-ground, and background. They particularly liked how the windows framed the action in the second and third Lumiere Minutes. Despite being limited to filming after school and in school, the group found that a story can naturally present itself anywhere without staging anything or setting something up.

In the first clip, the group captured a pupil leaving after his music lesson. With guitar in hand, the student walks “heroically” (the group’s words) into the misty distance. The middle ground and background host all of the action in this shot with the foreground seemingly redundant. The group felt this was interesting because the playground (foreground) is usually a hive of activity in school and the fact it is empty changes the atmosphere of the minute.

In the second clip, the group enjoyed the fact that the majority of the action takes place within the two middle windows. One pupil described it as “a battle for space,” as the two adults share one window space for part of the clip.

In the last clip, the group noted that it contains hardly any movement at all which the children felt engages the viewer. One pupil stated “It makes you feel like something is about to happen, even if it doesn’t!” The group also stated that you must intently watch the clip to notice that it is a piece of film, rather than a still image with a soundscape on top.