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Class EJ: Year 1 learners

Please find below a suggested weekly overview of activities - remember, do what you can - I realise we are all experiencing an unusual situation at the moment. Some children will enjoy this structured approach, whilst others will find it easier to use these activities (or others) if needed - there is no right or wrong approach - keeping our families safe and well is everyone's priority at the moment.


Within the table below, any writing in green is a link to another website.  The Maths lessons all link to the Oak National Academy resource. The Phonics lessons all link to the English hub videos for Year 1 learners (Phase 5). As I previously mentioned, we had worked through a lot of Phase 5 before the school closures, so these may provide a good recap for the children. As we are all a little out of practise, the Reception videos (Phase 3) and 'Learning to blend' videos may also prove useful, if needed.


A lot of the resources provided are online - please remember to only go online with an adult at home. It is important to stay safe online (just like in the real world!) Remember there are useful tips available on the 'Think you know' website.

This week's weekly overview for our Year 1 learners: 

Day of the week Daily online Maths activities Daily online Phonics activities

Suggested additional activities -

linked to resources below


'Supermovers' warm up -

Counting with John Farnworth


Maths lesson 1 - Numbers to 100

Phonics lesson 6 - split digraph /i_e/ as in time


Grammar focus - capital letters and full stops activity (BBC Daily)


Other learning opportunities

VE Day decorations


'Supermovers' warm up -

2 x tables with Bridget the Lioness!


Maths lesson 2 - Place value

Phonics lesson 7 - /o/ as in go


Activity 1


Other learning opportunities

VE Day decorations


'Supermovers' warm up -

5 x tables with the Posh Pooch!


Maths lesson 3 - Place value continued

Phonics lesson 8 - split digraph /o_e/ as in home


Activity 2


Other learning opportunities

Making invitations


'Supermovers' warm up -

10 x tables with Webster the Spider!


Maths lesson 4 - Number bonds

Phonics lesson 9 - /ue/ as in blue


Activity 3


Other learning opportunities



'Supermovers' warm up - Free choice!


Maths lesson 5 - Finding more or less

Phonics lesson 10 - /ew/ as in grew


Activity 4


Other learning opportunities

VE Day celebrations!


VE Day information

Still image for this video
The slides link to the additional learning opportunities for this week.