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Today we are going to re-read the text that we read yesterday. Then we are going to use it to identify the main features of information texts.

The information text you need is attached below. Follow this link to the 'sway' for the instructions.

Maths – problem solving.

Click this link to access the 'Sway'.

The sheets that you will is attached below. 

Spelling – Ask an adult at home to test you one the words that you have been learning this week. Let me know how well you have done.

Complete Multiplication Grid attached below – see how many you can answer correctly in 10 minutes.

Grid attached below – ask an adult to mark it with you then let us know your time/score.

DT – make a bird feeder

Follow the instructions on the sheet attached to make your own bird feeder.

Story – chapter 12


I have been made aware that there was a fault with the link to yesterday story - this is now fixed.


Story chapter 11 - link