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English - today you are going to look in detail at the characters in the story of Hansel and Gretel.  We are going to focus on the character of the Stepmother. Listen to the story again. Every time the step mother is mentioned add information to the character pyramid. Use the information in the pictures to help you as well.  Maths - today we are going to continue learning about fractions. First, login to MyMaths, then click on this link to take you to the lesson. When you have completed the lesson, have a go at the set task. 

Spelling – Ask an adult at home to test you one the words that you have been learning this week. Let me know how well you have done.

 DT - today we are going to link our DT work to our geography. First, read the information about the Inuit's, then have a go at building a model igloo using the instructions on the information sheet attached below. 

You could use sugar cubes, play dough/clay, mini-marshmallows, unifix cubes or cotton wool balls to create your igloos. If you use sugar cubes or marshmallows, icing sugar mixed with a little water makes great glue!

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory – chapter 28