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Friday 5.3.21

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Additional activities


1. Use relevant video below -

watch either Mrs Jackson's Group or Miss Cook's Group


2. Complete today's activity - Mrs Jackson's group:

Play this Phonics Bloom game - 'Phonics Frog' Phase  3 - select the vowel digraph or trigraph you find tricky.

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Miss Cook's group:

We are returning to Education City today to apply our understanding of today's focus - the alternative pronunciation of the digraph 'ea'. 


This week we are going to return to measurement - specifically looking at measuring length and height.


Today's lesson focus is solving problems involving length by subtracting.


1. Warm up your Maths brain with the BBC Supermovers - Counting with John Farnworth.


2. Work through the video below. Remember to pause the video when prompted and discuss your thinking with a grown up at home.


3. Complete the worksheet attached. Remember you can use objects, such as cubes or Lego pieces to help with the subtraction calculations.


If you are unable to print the worksheet, work through the problems on screen and write down your answers on your own sheet of paper. Remember you can use objects, such as cubes or Lego pieces to help with the subtraction calculations.







This week we are continuing with our work on the text, 'Hansel and Gretel' by Anthony Browne. 


This week we are going to focus on writing our retelling of the story - today's lesson focuses on the final stage of the writing process - writing up your final piece.


As with last week, you will need to watch the PowerPoint below (make sure you have the sound on).


Where you see this symbol on the PowerPoint, pause the video to consider and discuss the questions with a grown up at home.


Where you see this symbol on the PowerPoint, you need to pause the video and write down your ideas. 


As always, you can use the sheet provided, or your own sheet of paper for today's work.


Once you have finished, please ask a grown up to email your work to our class email address. I would love to update our writing display in the classroom with this work - ready for you to see when we are back together next week!


1. Watch the video presentation.  Can you remember what a microhabitat is?

Watch the instructions for the practical investigation today.


2. Use the sheet below, or your own paper when you look at two different microhabitats outside.  Record the minibeasts you find in each microhabitat.


3. Talk to your grown-up about what minibeasts you found.  Do all minibeasts like to live in the same microhabitats?  Explain your answer.


This week we are finding out about the Easter story.

The story of Easter is told in the Gospels of the Bible.  The Bible is the Christian holy book.


1. Look at the presentation of the Easter Story.


2. You can also watch the BBC short animation of the story here.


3. Print out the story wheel activity - or make your own using circles of paper. You will need a split pin or string to put through the middle so that it will turn.

Use the story wheel to tell the Easter story to your grown-up or a member of your family. 





Enjoy today's Story time video


10 x minutes reading - use your school reading book or access online reading resource - Oxford Owl - using the login instructions provided 


Spelling test - Please ask an adult at home to test you on this week's spellings - hopefully you have practised each day. Afterwards, ask an adult to email your score to our class email address.

Session 1: Mrs Jackson’s Phonics group

Session 1: Miss Cook’s Phonics group

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Story time - A Quiet Night In