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Jolly Phonics

In school we follow the 'Letters and Sounds' programme and Jolly Phonics.


Parents have asked us for recommended links and Apps to support the learning of phonics so some are below. These are by no means exhaustive and if you find some others you think are good please do share!


The following link is the Jolly Phonic songs.

When we say the letter names it is important to pronounce them correctly for example 'm' is a sound made with lips together rather that adding an 'u' sound on the end to say 'mu' . The correct pronunciation for letters is on the songs or if you are not sure, please ask!


We introduce children to letter names and their sounds, for example this is 'A' which says 'a' (This is 'ay' which says 'a'). is from the people at Oxford Reading Tree and has some nice activities on.


With Apps for the Ipad/Iphone Mr Thorne's phonics is very good. Mr Thorne is also on YouTube which therefore only needs an Internet connection.


The ladybird phonics app is also nice but more expensive.


Please be aware on You Tube you may find adverts etc for other things on the same page (these can be got rid of by enlarging to full screen) but obviously, as with all computer programmes, we would recommended that the page in checked for unsuitable content before your child accesses it and you support and supervise your child with using any programmes, games or APPs.


Of course one of the most effective ways of supporting your child with any work is keeping it fun, not spending more time on an activity than your child is comfortable and lots of praise.


All these phonic games are a fantastic addition but no substitute for regular reading practise. Children who read frequently and regularly at home with support and praise consistently perform better at school.


If you have any questions regarding reading or phonics please do ask.


Thank you.