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English – how to edit.

This lesson you are going to be learning how to check your work carefully for errors and correct them yourself. 

Read through the PowerPoint first and  have a go at the correcting the sentences. Have your planning open at the year 1 and 2 key work to help you. Then have a go at completing the sheet attached. 

Maths – beginning to learn the 6 x tables. 

Complete the sheets attached below. 

Spelling - Use the dice game to practise your spellings -

Roll 1: fancy

Roll 2: 4 times

Roll 3: write it with your eyes closed

Roll 4: pyramid

Roll 5: your choice

Roll 6: backwards

Timestable Rockstars – 20 minutes

Science – Living Things and their Habitats

Carefully read through the information attached on the PowerPoint.

Go for a walk around your local area - with an adult.

Complete the sheet attached below.

Story – relax and enjoy listening to chapter 9 of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory


Science - additional task