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Monday 8.2.21

Start your day in a mindful way...

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A practitioner from the Healthy Minds Lincolnshire team talks you through the 'my happy place' exercise to help bring you back to the here and now when you notice your mind focusing on worries or negative thoughts/feelings.
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Additional activities


1. Use relevant video below -

watch either Mrs Jackson's Group or Miss Cook's Group

2. Complete today's Education City activity 


1. Warm up your Maths brain with the BBC Supermovers - The 10 times table with Webster the Spider


2. Work through the PowerPoint below - make sure you pause after each question slide to give yourself chance to answer  (the answer slides follow each time).


3. Choose a task to complete - there is a 1, 2 or 3 star challenge available. 


For today's task, you need to cut up the question cards and choose one at a time to work on. Using the first sheet, build your array and then complete the missing numbers for each question.


Remember, if you are unable to print the worksheets, you can work from the screen to answer the questions on your own sheet of paper.


You could also use items at home to make arrays (for example buttons, pasta shapes, plastic bottle tops or small toys). Can you label the arrays you have made?


This week we are going to be working on our grammar skills. 


For today's task, you are going to be gathering information about the Inuit people who live in the Arctic.


Start by working through the PowerPoint video (you will need an adult to read it with you).


There is also a short video clip to watch.


Make sure you listen and watch carefully as you will be using this information at the end of the week.






Today we are thinking about a Jewish celebration called Sukkot.

1. Watch the presentation.


2. There is a short video too about a boy called Noah helping to prepare for the celebration.


3. Complete the question sheet and draw your design for a sakkah.


4. Spend time with your grown up talking about what you have noticed is the same and different to the Christian celebration of Harvest Festival.

Enjoy today's Story time video


10 x minutes reading - use your school reading book or access online reading resource - Oxford Owl - using the login instructions provided


10 x minutes spelling practise - Use the relevant sheet to practise this week's spellings. Please email via our class email address if you are unsure of which group to follow.

Session1: Mrs Jackson’s Phonics group

Session 1: Miss Cook’s Phonics group

Session 2: Maths - please see the instructions in the timetable.

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Session 3: English - please see instructions in the timetable.

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Session 3: English - please see instructions in the timetable.

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Session 4: RE Please see the timetable for instructions.

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Story time - Painted Skies