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Mrs Hunter and Mrs Leggate

Monday 30th March

I hope you had a lovely weekend and managed to get outside even though it was cold.

It seemed strange this morning not getting ready for school and not seeing all your smiling faces. I am sure you probably felt the same.

Have any of you been doing Joe Wicks in the morning ? It's a good way to start the day.


My juggling is improving and I have also decided to see if I can do more than 10 Keepy Uppies. I can only do 2 at the moment. How many can you do? I'm sure some of you footballers can do lots. Who can do the most?


I hope the packs are going well and you are also managing to do some creative activities.  Anyone painted a picture, baked a cake, created a collage or drawn a picture.  If you are stuck for inspiration maybe you could paint / collage a daffodil. They are everywhere at the moment and look beautiful.

Now is a good time to try new things. Learn how to shade or draw perspective into your drawings. Get an adult to look with you for a tutorial on how to do this and then practice.

I look forward to seeing some of your master pieces/ sketch books.


This week in math's we would be doing data collection. Can you collect some data (tally chart) and then create a bar chart (remember to leave a gap between each bar) showing this information. 


Everyone's favourite breakfast cereal,  (ask family / friends when you phone/ skype them) different coins you have in your money box, different art materials you have 27 felt tips, 14 coloured pencils, clothes in your wardrobe, 3 pairs of leggings, 7 pairs of socks, etc 


I have put on a few new links. 

Pobble 365 - has a picture a day to look at and ideas about how to use it.

Cosmic Yoga - is yoga for children. You can have a go at yoga and be calm and quiet.smiley


Supermovers-  some fun clips to help with grammar.


It has been lovely to hear about a few of you through your parents emailing me.

Let me know if you need any help.

Mrs Leggate





Tuesday 24th March

I hope you are all well.

I have just done my Joe Wicks PE lesson and am feeling energised!!!!!


A couple of ideas, it might be worth getting a routine / schedule set up.

Map out your day with some learning, some play and some helpful jobs you can do in the house or garden.


My household have created a 50 things to do list, which we can tick off during the next few weeks.

These are a few ideas. We had great fun creating ours.


Watch the stars,

Bake a cake,

Make a birthday card,

Read a book,

Paint a pebble,

Do a jigsaw,

Write a story,

Do a virtual trip around a museum

Watch a sunrise

Learn how to juggle ( this could take me a while)

Weed the garden

Have a water fight ( when it's warmer)

Learn 2 new words a week and use them


Reading is still really important please try and read regularly.

David Walliams is reading a story everyday (see his website) and audible books are doing free books at the moment.


If you need any help my email is below.


Mrs Leggate  


Documents for Use in the Event of School Closure 


Please find home learning packs which we have produced for your child to access in the event of a school closure. Please also find additional resources which may be useful, depending on how long school is closed.


We would be grateful if you could support your child in accessing any of the resources provided, whilst encouraging them to vary the subjects they study each day.


Mrs Hunter & Mrs Leggate




Please don’t be disappointed if we don’t reply to you. We love reading all the messages from you and we do read every one.  Unfortunately, we are only allowed to reply to questions or comments made by your parents/carers.

Multiplication Racing Game


Times Table Rock Stars


Classroom Secrets - Home Learning Pack


Crick Web - A brilliant interactive resource for Key Stage Two Maths, English and Science games:


A really excellent resource from Y1to Y8 - White Rose Maths for Home Learning


BBC - Personal, Social, Health Education for all ages


Primary Resources - Social, Health Education for all ages


SEAL - Social, Health Education for all ages


Joe Wicks will be using his YouTube Chanel to lead PE at 9am Monday-Friday


Some great, free audio books


       Mrs Hunter's and Mrs Leggates' class

Welcome to Class 2HL's page. We are a hardworking group of Year 3 and Year 4 children who love to learn new things!

Our teachers are Mrs Hunter and Mrs Leggate. Mrs Dixon and Mrs Evans help us with our learning each day.

Mrs Leggate works every Monday and Tuesday. Mrs Hunter works every Thursday and Friday. We alternate every Wednesday. We are really lucky to have Spanish with Mrs Lauder and ICT with Mr Whalley every week.


General Information



We are able to change our reading book whenever we have finished reading it. We note down the page numbers we have read and ask an adult from home to sign the relevant part in our reading diaries. Mrs Leggate will collect our reading diaries on a MONDAY morning to check they have been signed. The school expectation is for reading diaries to be signed at least 3 times a week. It is important to bring our book bags to school everyday for letters and other important information.



We are given Maths homework every TUESDAY. This work needs to be completed and returned by the following MONDAYMrs Hunter will also send our English homework out on a THURSDAY. This work needs to be completed and returned by the following WEDNESDAY.



Spellings for each week are in the children's planners. Each week the children should practise at home 4 times, there is space for this in the planner. However, if spellings are completed in another manner (ipads, notebooks etc) please indicate how many times they have done this and ensure that you sign the spelling page in the planner. Spelling tests will take place on a FRIDAY.



Please have your PE kits in school throughout the week. It is also very important that all belongings are clearly named. If children are wearing earrings, ensure that they are able to remove them for PE or provide tape for them to be covered up to meet health and safety recommendations. Long hair should be tied up for PE and tights should be replaced with socks for PE lessons. 


Staying healthy:

It is important to bring a water bottle to school everyday, filled with fresh water. In addition, children can bring a healthy snack for break time. These snacks should meet the agreed list: fruit, vegetables, cheese or yoghurt.


Term 1


Welcome back. We hope you all enjoyed a lovely summer break.

Please read 2HL's newletter to see what will be happening this term....


2HL Newsletter Term 1

Term 2

Welcome back to Term 2. This term we have 2 student teachers who will be working in our class on a Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.  We will be looking at farming, food and the digestive system. We've already been very excited about our English and have already started to enjoy finding out about Roald Dahl and his various genres of writing. If you would like more details please read our class newsletter.

2HL Term 2 Newsletter

2HL Newsletter Term 3

Term 3

Welcome back after a lovely break at Christmas. This term, we are looking at how the Anglo Saxons settled here in this country and we are reading King Arthur. As part of English lessons, we are spending a lot of time looking at dragons! We are writing instructions about how to catch them, writing non-chronological reports about where to find them and writing stories that involve them! An exciting term!

Science will see us looking at 'States of Matter'; changing state and the water cycle. 

Friday afternoons will now be a full afternoon of PE - inside for gymnastics and then outside for Multi-skills, so children need to make sure that they have PE kit for both inside and outside.

Term 4

This term in English we will be looking at Performance poetry, playscripts and persuasive writing.

In Geography, we will be studying the main features of a river and how it changes as it travels from the source to the mouth. 

 We are concentrating on drawing in Art. We are appraising drawings created by famous artists, developing our drawing techniques in our sketch books and then going to create our own drawing. 

PE this term will be Dance during our indoor session and Tri golf when we are outside.

On Friday we did our Class Assembly and did a short play about the Anglo- Saxons. Telling the rest of the school interesting facts we have learn't about the Anglo- Saxons. We really enjoyed putting the play together and did a fabulous job on the day.


We have some exciting days to look forward to this term World Book day (5th March) and Sports Relief (13th March)


Please look at our Class Newsletter for further information. 

Term 4 Newsletter