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Stay Safe! We can't wait to see you all again.

Thank you to all our parents and carers for your support and understanding during these challenging times. As the current  'lockdown' is progressing we felt that you may wish a slightly more structured  timetable for the week.  These activities can be used as set out or as you feel most helpful.


Please click on the home learning stars below each week to access the weekly activities.


Sending our best wishes to you,


Mrs Leeson and Mrs Evans


Reminder of class email address.




Please don’t be disappointed if we don’t reply to you. We love reading all the messages from you and we do read every one.  Unfortunately, we are only allowed to reply to questions or comments made by your parents/carers.

Some amazing work from last week!

See below for previous work and links to websites that may be useful.

Hola! Mrs Lauder has produced a Spanish video, with a special guest, for you to practise your Spanish vocabulary. Enjoy!

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Year 3 and 4 Spelling List

Hi All, 


Good Morning everyone. I can't believe we're at the end of our second week already.


It's the end of term and the start of the Easter holidays so I thought that it might be nice to share some Easter activities with you. I've put on some links to websites that have lots of ideas for you to have a go at over the next 2 weeks. 


Please note that this webpage will not be updated during the Easter break - I want you all to have a nice break and a rest.

However, if any parents or carers need to get in touch, please continue to use the class e-mail address. 


I hope you're all well and keeping safe.  Have a lovely Easter. 


Best wishes,

Mrs Leeson and Mrs Evans

Picture News

Picture News 1

Day 1 - 23.03.20

Good Morning 1EL,


Hope you have all had a lovely weekend. Did anyone start their day with a Joe Wicks workout? I think that I might try that tomorrow - it looked like fun! Remember, there are also five minute workouts to keep you active throughout the day. 


Today's challenge: spend half an hour outside if possible. Draw a picture, read a book or you could even start a story to enter into Mrs Green's competition. 


You could begin by thinking about your character - draw them, write a character pyramid then share your ideas about them with a grown-up (maybe even a big brother or sister).


Mrs Leeson & Mrs Evans




Please don’t be disappointed if we don’t reply to you. We love reading all the messages from you and we do read every one.  Unfortunately, we are only allowed to reply to questions or comments made by your parents/carers.


Good Morning Everyone, 


Hope everyone had a lovely day yesterday. What did you all get up to? Did anyone try the Joe Wicks or start a story for Mrs Green?


I know that it is a bit strange at the moment - not coming to school, not going out and meeting your friends so I have added a timetable that you might want to use to give your day a bit of routine. 


We have also added a class e-mail address for your adults to use to get in touch if needed. It would be lovely to hear how you are all getting on. 


Today you could start to think about the setting for your stories - draw a picture and add some notes to describe what it is like there. 


Maths challenge - a minute is 60 seconds long. Can you try to guess when a minute has passed? Have a couple of goes and see how close you get.


Take care 


Mrs Leeson & Mrs Evans


Good Morning 1EL


I can't believe that we have another sunny day. Isn't it fantastic that we can spend more time outside enjoying the fresh air! 


How are the stories going? It would be lovely to hear from your grown ups about how they're going. 


Today, I have added a link to David Walliams website. He is reading stories everyday at 11am so you could sit, have your healthy snack and relax while you listen to one of his very funny stories. 


If your writing a story for Mrs Greens competition, it would be a good idea to create a rough plan of what you want to happen in your story today. What kind of story do you want it to be? Action? Adventure? Mystery? Try to write a simple plan that shows what you want to happen at each point in the story.


Take care everyone,


Mrs Leeson and Mrs Evans





Good Morning Everyone,

Another beautiful day! I hope that everyone has been outside enjoying the good weather. 


How are the stories going? Today, you could try writing just the opening of your story - try to use some expanded noun phrases to make your writing even more interesting.


Today's challenge: make a sandwich. Ask if you can borrow a adults phone to take some pictures of each step.


It was fantastic to receive an e-mail from a parent today - lovely to see how you're getting on. Thank you.

Take care everyone


Mrs Leeson and Mrs Evans


Hi 1EL, 


Hope you are all keeping well and getting used to this new routine we are all finding ourselves in. 


Today, Chester Zoo are doing a fantastic live show from the zoo where you will get to see all sorts of different animals including red panda, giraffes, sun bears, tigers and penguins. Maybe you could do some research and create a fact file about one of the different animals included in the broadcast. You could include a picture, some facts using bullet points and a short section of writing about them - include some information about their habitat, diet, lifespan size etc.

Don't worry if you miss the live show, you can find it online anytime!


Today's challenge: can you use the photos that you took yesterday to help you write instructions for how to make a sandwich? Remeber: you need to number the steps;use words like first, next, after that; use imperative verbs such as cut, spread, fold, mix (bossy verbs). 


Hope you all enjoy your weekends,


Mrs Leeson and Mrs Evans




Hi Everyone,


I hope you have all enjoyed your weekends. 

I decided this weekend it was time to learn to do something new so I spent time learning how to make bread! It was lots of fun.

I wonder if there is something that you wish you could learn to do too. It could be to tie shoe laces, bake some buns (with a grown up of course!!) play a new game, do a cartwheel (in a safe space), learn to knit. It could be anything! 


Today's challenge: try to do something new.

Last week you were making sandwiches and writing instructions - today you could try following instructions to make something.


Mrs Leeson and Mrs Evans


Good Morning 1EL,


A bit chilly today isn't it!! But at least the sun is shining so make sure you wrap up warm and spend sometime outside. While you're out there could you spend some time looking at all of the different colours there are. How many shades of the same colour are there? Could you create a picture from your window showing all of the colours? If you use paint, can you remember what we learnt about mixing colours and creating different shades? 


If you've not finished you're story for Mrs Green, today you could complete that. Remember to read through carefully when you have finished to spot any errors. Reading aloud always helps! 


Take care everyone. 

Mrs Leeson and Mrs Evans

Good Morning 1EL,


Hope you're all keeping well. Today is the first day of April - sometimes known as April Fools Day. Can you remember how many days are in each month of the year?


Today you could write a neat version of your story and add a picture ready to send to Mrs Green - I'd love to see a picture of it!


Our next writing challenge is to write a poem. Today, you could try reading a few poems and see which ones you like best. Will it be a humorous one, a rhyming poem, a shape poem? 


Take care,


Mrs Leeson and Mrs Evans

Good Afternoon 1EL,


Hope you have all enjoyed your day. I've been really busy in school this week. Have you all been keeping busy at home? I have seen that a couple of children in our class have been keeping a daily diary - what a great idea! 

As it is a bit later in the day, today's challenge is to share a story. This could mean that you read a story with anybody else that is at home. It could be a brother or sister, or mum or dad. 


What was the story? Which was your favourite part? Do you have somewhere that you like to sit at home to read - I have a seat in the window where I like to sit a read.


Tomorrow, could you draw a picture of your favourite part of the story? Or you could write a book review.


Take care

Mars Leeson and Mrs Evans

A Daily Timetable - just a suggestion

Documents for Use in the Event of School Closure 


Please find home learning packs which we have produced for your child to access in the event of a school closure. Please also find additional resources which may be useful, depending on how long school is closed.


We would be grateful if you could support your child in accessing any of the resources provided, whilst encouraging them to vary the subjects they study each day.

Times Table Rock Stars

For logging on, the school postcode is: LN10 6RQ


Crick Web - A brilliant interactive resource for Key Stage One Maths, English and Science games:


Classroom Secrets - Home Learning Pack


Key Stage One BBC Bitesize


White Rose Maths - A brilliant Maths site with resources for every year group


BBC - Personal, Social, Health Education for all ages


Primary Resources - Social, Health Education for all ages


SEAL - Social, Health Education for all ages


Joe Wicks will be using his YouTube Chanel to lead PE at 9am Monday-Friday


Mrs Leeson and Mrs Evans


Welcome to 1EL's webpage!


We are a happy and enthusiastic group of year 2 children who love to explore and learn new things. 


Mrs Leeson teaches us on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, and Mrs Evans teach us all day on Wednesdays and for P.E. on Thursdays.  Miss Hornsey works with us every day and is enjoying challenging us and enhancing our learning in English and mathematics. 

Water Bottles

Please send your child's water bottle in with them every day. We will send them home every afternoon to be washed, refilled and returned the following day - plain water only please.



Your child will have English and maths homework to complete each week. This needs to be handed in each Wednesday and will be given back on Fridays.



Each week your child will be given a set of spellings to practise. They need to complete this on the sheet provided and also write a sentence with each of the words. The children should hand these in on Fridays. The children will be tested on their spellings on Fridays. Your child's score will be recorded in their planner each week.



The children are able to change our school reading books as soon as they have finished them.  As our reading progresses, the length of the books tend to grow and changing regularly isn't always possible.  It is important, however, that the children read as much as possible and we ask that the children read at least is three times a week - planners will be checked each Monday.

Woodhall Spa Library

Every term, we have the opportunity to visit our local library.  We invite parents and family members to come with us, not only to help deliver us safely, but also to spend time with us discussing our favourite types of books and exploring different genres. 

Every fortnight we have the opportunity to visit our school library where Mrs Plater will help us choose a non-fiction book to enjoy reading at home - check planners for dates.


Our belongings: Please name all your child's belonging. We do try to ensure your child returns home with all their belongings and your help with this is much appreciated.


Please do ask if you have any questions.

Term 4


‘Exploring the UK – A Bear’s Eye View!’


In English we will be focusing on books linked to our ‘Exploring the UK – A Bear’s Eye View!’ theme. We will be looking at different texts including: 

  • A range of stories following the adventures of Paddington bear
  • Instructions – making marmalade sandwiches!
  • Poetry linked to our UK theme

In Geography, we are going to be learning about the UK – including the countries within the UK and their capital cities.

In Science, we will be building on last term’s work on everyday materials. This term, we will be developing our investigative skills.

In Computing, we will be developing our programming skills and in RE, we will be focussing on the ‘Thankfulness’.

In our PE sessions, we will be developing our balance, speed and co-ordination using the multi-skills equipment.

Term 3




This term, our English theme is ‘Traditional Tales!’.

In Geography, we are going to be learning about Kenya and drawing comparisons with the UK which links with our art work in which we will be learning about colour mixing and studying the work of a famous Kenyan artist.

In Science, we will be investigating materials.

In IT, we will be learning simple programming skills. 

In RE, we will be focusing on thankfulness and learning about Judaism.




Term 2

'Light and Dark'.


In History, we are going to learn about the events linked to ‘The Gunpowder Plot’.

In Science, we will be learning about light.

In Art, we will be developing our painting skills and producing fireworks pictures.

Our Geography work will focus on daily and seasonal weather patterns in the UK and abroad. 

In IT, we will be continuing to develop our keyboard skills and using a range of art packages to create fireworks pictures. 

In RE, we will be focusing on Islam. 

In our PE sessions, we will be developing our skills in Dance. This is in preparation for our EYFS/KS1 Nativity performance.

Term 1


'Circus, Circus!'


We will be using texts linked to our circus theme in English sessions. 

We are starting with 'Nell and the Circus of Dreams' by Nell Gifford. 

In our History sessions we are exploring how forms of entertainment have changed over time. 

We will be looking at colour and texture in Art and creating a collage. 

This work will link with our Science topic of the seasons this term.