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Register of Business Pecuniary Interests

Our Academy Members have made the following declarations:


 Name Declaration
Iain Bunley None
Mark Webb Wife employed at school
David Clarke Chair of Parish Council
Rev Peter Patrick Lincolnshire Diocesan Board



Our Trustees (Governors) have made the following declarations


Name Declaration
Iain Bunley NONE
James Lascelles NONE
Bruce Allan Manager of Horncastle Pool and Fitness Suite/Wife employed at school
Krishden Sawmynaden NONE
Steph Bartlett-Jones NONE
Sam Willerton Wellies
Tim Peacock  Trustee of Jubillee Park / Trustee of Mukhajee Trust
Gary Brown NONE
Paul Masteman NONE
Ruth Pobjoy NONE
Helen Fisher Scott NONE
John Whalley Daughter employed at school/Member of Staff
Kate Martin Member of Staff/Husband employed at school
Laura Garner Member of Staff
Jayne Leeson Member of Staff
Sinead Cook Member of Staff
Rev Richard Major Wife employed at school
Louise Csiba Member of Staff