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Term 1

Term 1

Welcome back!


It is lovely to see all the children back in school after their Summer break.  


This term's theme is 'Home Sweet Home'.


In our History lessons we will be finding out how houses and homes have changed in living memory.  In DT we will be developing our construction skills and creating models of houses and furniture.  The books we are looking at in English are also linked to our theme.  We are starting with Anancy and Mr Dry-Bone by Fiona French before moving on to read 'This is The House That Jack Built'.  We will be working on our poetry performance skills this term too.  Our Science this term is Animals, including humans.  We will be learning about how animals grow and change, what they eat and classifying animals into different groups.

There may be times when you are unable to come into school.  You can use the resources here to continue your learning until you can return to school. There will be updates regularly to this page with new activities to support your learning.

To support our work in Phonics you can go online to use the resources on the Phonics Play website.  We often use the games on this site as part of the children's learning.  Practising recall of Phase 3 is really useful.  There are several games that encourage children to blend words, both real and not real that the children will recognise from this site too.


Phonics Play

This is still free to use. 

Username - march20

Password - home

This week in Maths we are ordering numbers before moving on to look at addition and subtraction.  Number lines are one of the resources children can use to support their work in maths.  We will be talking about the order of the numbers and using the terms one more and one less.


For Year 2 children we are looking at ordering sets of numbers.  They may find it useful to draw a number line to help with their ordering.  

In English this week we are starting work on The House that Jack Built.  We will be thinking about the house he has built and how he could persuade someone to buy it. 

In Science we are looking at animals including humans.  We have been sorting animals into different groups: fish, birds, reptiles, mammals and amphibians.


Watch the short film using the link below if you need help to complete the sorting activity.


BBC teach film about animals.