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Term 2

Welcome to Term 2 - we are going 'Around the World'! 


Our English texts this term are linked to this theme and will include, The Snail and the Whale, Meerkat Mail and non-fiction books. In Geography our focus will be the world's seven continents and five oceans.  In Science we will be thinking about what animals, including humans need to survive and investigating sound. 


Please note our PE will now be on a Wednesday.  Children will need to come in their PE kit. 



Covid 19 Absence

If you are unable to come to school, please use the activities on this page to continue your learning.  Please check back during the week as it will be updated.  Don't forget to read to your grown up every day.


To help you, here is a suggested timetable of activities for your learning.  Clicking on the writing in green will take you directly to the web page you will need for your learning.  You can email any finished work to Mrs Weaving using the class email address.




Practice your 2 times table

You could use Numberjacks

or try Times Table Rockstars.

We are continuing our work on time.

Ask your grown up to say half past

and o'clock times.

Make them on the clock you made last week.

Then complete the worksheet below.






Can you remember the alternative spellings for the /ch/ phoneme?

Use the sheet to practice reading words with different spellings of this sound and complete the worksheet.






Use the link below to remind you of the words to the poem we have been looking at.  

Owl and the Pussy-cat

Can you remember and recite the poem.  Can you recite more than one verse today?




Can you read the Christmas Story independently?  Answer the questions on the sheet.























Look at the sheets for Santa's day.

Can you show the times on the clock?  Make sure that you read the times carefully. 

When you draw the hands on the clocks make sure that the hour hand is smaller than the minute hand.



We are reviewing what we know about the /ee/ phoneme. Complete the worksheet below.






Complete the Christmas Comprehension below.









Can you remember the names for colours in Spanish.  Complete the key for the colours you need for the picture and then colour in the Christmas picture.  Ask your grown up to help you find out how you say 'Happy Christmas' in Spanish.







Maths - recite your times tables.

Use the Numberjacks by clicking here.

Look at the 'My Day' worksheet.  Talk to your grown up about the half past and o'clock times you complete the tasks shown on the labels before you add them to your worksheet.



We are reviewing our work on the /ai/ phoneme.  Complete the sheet below.









Look at the pictures on the sheet.  Use the word bank to help you write about the pictures.







Can you remember the names of the continents we looked at this term?

Look at the trips Santa could make this year and write down the continents he would visit.










You can choose an activity from the selection below that review our work on shape this term.










Complete the sheet below. Each word will have a split digraph.

Read each one carefully and follow the colouring instructions.




Complete the Christmas comprehension.











Healthy Eating

We have been talking about needing to eat healthy foods to keep us fit and well.  Have a look at the pictures of the healthy snacks on the sheet below, or ask your grown up to help you look online for ideas.  What foods do these snacks use?  Can you design your own healthy Christmas snack?





Some of the resources are still free to access on the Phonics Play website.

Go to to play Buried Treasure, Dragon's Den or Picnic on Pluto.