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The Arts

'Changed For Good' by St Andrew's Primary School Choir

This wonderful song was performed at our Easter service by the Choir and we thought it deserved a place on our schools website.

All The Time In The World (Y6 Production 2016)

Filmed and Edited by Will Arden. Written by Mrs Green, Miss Csiba and Mr Wilkinson.

At St Andrew’s we believe that 'The Arts' enables pupils to develop their understanding of the world and are given opportunities to engage in a range of creative and imaginative activities, on their own and with others.


Through artistic activities, often linked with digital media, pupils explore a range of cultural and human issues, share ideas and learn to respond to others.


As a result of these activities, the children of St Andrew's have enjoyed success with numerous awards being presented to the school for it's efforts in; film making, music, drama, dance, creative writing and art.  


For an example of some of the wonderful work then please scroll down this page.



'Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time'

Thomas Merton

Arts Celebration 2016

A recap of all things great and arty within our school!

Treasure Love by KS2 & Sparkle and Shine by KS1/EYFS

Treasure Love by KS2 & Sparkle and Shine by KS1/EYFS

Dance Competition Skegness Academy 2016

A brilliant performance by the girls enabled them to win the East Coast Dance Competition.

Y6 Musical 2015

Highlights from last years musical.

A Trip To The Moon (Y6 production 2014)

This video is of the Y6 Production 2014
Written by Mr Wilkinson
Music by Miss Csiba
Produced by Mrs Green
Props by Mrs Jackson & Mrs Leeson
Lighting & special effects by Miss Dowland & Mr Komoroczky

Why we can't live without books

This is a short film the school entered for a competition for 'World Book Day' 2015.

Drama @ St Andrew's

Drama Club Plan 2016