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In English today i would like you to continue writing your no-chronological report on the Blitz. We will be finishing this off in class before editing and improving and the publishing. I realise that some of you may well be at this stage, so I would like you to research another part of the war that interests you from these suggestions:


The Battle of Britain;

The Dambusters raid.

In science we will be doing an experiment to see what affects the rate of evaporation of water. There is a suggested approach on the slides using sponges which you can follow. Alternatively, place the same volume of water on separate saucers and then place these saucers in different locations eg next to a radiator, in a breeze, on a window ledge, in a cupboard. Monitor the saucers during the day and record the time it takes for the water to evaporate. Make sure that you don't start with too much water or this could take some time! Use the sheet to help you write up the experiment.