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Thursday 26.11.20

Good morning Class EJ


I hope you are all continuing to stay well and enjoyed yesterday's active activities?


Please find below today's timetable and activities. Don't worry if you are unable to print out any of the sheets, you can write down your answers / ideas onto your own paper.


Remember, a parent/carer can send photographs of your work to our class email address: Also, if you have any questions regarding today's activities, please use our class email address.


As always, please keep your emails and messages on Tapestry coming in - I am so impressed with how well you are doing with the home learning challenges.


Please continue to take care,

Mrs Jackson

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Additional activities


1. Use relevant video below -

watch either Mrs Jackson's Group or Miss Cook's Group

2. Complete today's Education City activity 



1. Work through the slides about patterns below.

2. Complete one of the sheets below - there are different levels of difficulty - if you find repeated patterns easy, try the 3 star challenge.

3. Complete today's online repeated pattern game via this link (Topmarks site)



Descriptive sentences

1. Refer back to your work from Tuesday - the setting you chose to draw and label - to refresh your memory.

2. Using your ideas, write 3 sentences (or more!) about your setting. Try to include an adjective in each sentence. (I have underlined the adjectives in my example below).


For example:

The tiny snail and the ginormous whale saw the huge icebergs. There were curious black and white penguins everywhere. A noisy seal swam past them in the cold and clear water.


Can you guess which setting I chose?




Continents of the world

1. Begin by heading across to the BBC Bitesize page and watching the first video on mapping the world. There is also a quiz at the bottom of the page you might like to do.

2. Then, why not explore the Earth using Google Earth. You can type in each of the continents using the magnifying glass on the left hand side menu. Can you find the name of a country within continent?

You could do the same activity using a globe, atlas or map of the world if you have one at home.

3. Use your research to complete the sheet below.

Note: Oceania, Australia and Australasia are all used as a continent label.

4. Enjoy the song below - watch out - it is rather catchy!

Enjoy today's Story time video - Miss Cook is sharing one of her favourites today, 'Little Miss Naughty'.


10 x minutes reading - use your school reading book or access online reading resource - Oxford Owl - using the login instructions provided


10 x minutes spelling practise - use the relevant sheet below - check in your planner for your words.

Mrs Jackson's Phonics group

Miss Cook's Phonics Group

Geography - 7 continents song

Story time