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Today you need to write first part of the story (the first three boxes from the plan. 

Think about the work that we did yesterday - improving sentences by adding more detail and thinking carefully about word choice. Use what you learnt to make your sentences as interesting as possible. 


Ordering Numbers - today you are continuing to learn about comparing numbers and ordering numbers. Complete the sheets attached, then ask a parent to e-mail them in. 




Grammar - writing sentences

This session you are going to turn the short section of a sentence you have been given into a full sentence. Don’t forget your capital letters and full stops. Read it through carefully when you have finished to check that it makes sense.


Complete the comprehension about tigers and their habitats.

PE – Andy’s Wild Workouts

To match with our science theme of habitats, today’s Wild Workout will take us to the desert!

Story Time

Enjoy listening to part one of  chapter 8 - Charlie and the Chocolate Factory