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Children's Mental Health Week - please click the image below for today's activities:

Session 1

Session 2

Session 3

Session 4

Session 5

Session 6

Maths - complete the additions that you started yesterday. If you finish, there is an additional sheet to have a go at below including some with hundreds! Please don't worry about this sheet - it is only there for an extension if you have finished yesterday's work.

English – today and tomorrow you are going to write a final draft of your information text. Remember, when you are writing you need to include all of the different sections from your plan starting with the introduction. Start each section with a sub-heading. Think carefully as you write each section about where you can add the pictures that you chose in yesterdays lesson.


Complete the sheet attached below.

 Complete the Multiplication Grid attached below – ask an adult to mark it with you then let us know your time/score – see how many you can answer correctly in 10 minutes.

PE – time to get away from the screens and enjoy Andy’s wild workout in the undergrowth.

Follow this by spending some time doing some physical activity that you enjoy – outside if you can!

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory – chapter 18, part 2


Multiplication Grid