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Thursday 28.1.21

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Additional activities


1. Use relevant video below -

watch either Mrs Jackson's Group or Miss Cook's Group

2. Complete today's Education City activity 


1. Warm up your Maths brain with the BBC Supermovers - The 2 times table with Bridget the Lioness 

2. Work through the PowerPoint below - make sure you pause after each question slide to give yourself chance to answer  (the answer slides follow each time).

3. Choose a worksheet to complete - there is a 1, 2 or 3 star challenge available.


Remember, if you are unable to print any of the worksheets, you can work from the screen to answer the questions on your own sheet of paper.








This week you are going to be planning, drafting and editing your own information page about polar bears. 

Today's focus is editing your writing.


Start by working through the PowerPoint below.


As the PowerPoint explains, it is important to go through your work, focusing on a different thing each time, and take your time. You could use a different coloured pencil crayon to edit your writing from yesterday - there is no need to write it all out again - that is tomorrow's task. If you need to rewrite an entire sentence, you could do it on the back of yesterday's work, or a separate sheet.






Today we are thinking about local habitats.  The video will show you an urban, woodland and a pond habitat.

The video also reminds us what a habitat needs to provide for the living things in it.


1. Work through the first video and look at the different habitats.


2. If you would like to, watch the short clips about urban, woodland and pond habitats.


3. Choose a habitat that you can see.  It could be your garden or street outside your window. Look carefully at it.  What plants can you see?  What animals might live in this habitat? 


4. Choose a worksheet to complete.  There are two available.

1 star worksheet.

Draw and label the habitat you have looked at.

2 star worksheet.  When you have drawn your map you will need to watch your habitat for a while to see if any animals visit your habitat.  Do any birds visit? Did you see any cats or squirrels?

Enjoy today's Story time video


10 x minutes reading - use your school reading book or access online reading resource - Oxford Owl - using the login instructions provided


10 x minutes spelling practise - Use the relevant sheet to practise this week's spellings. Please email via our class email address if you are unsure of which group to follow.

Session 1: Phonics Alphabet Song

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Session 1: Mrs Jackson's Phonics group

Session 1: Miss Cook's Phonics group

Session 2: Maths - Please see the instructions in the timetable.

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Session 3: English - Please see the instructions in the timetable.

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Session 4: Science. Please see the timetable for instructions.

Still image for this video

Click on each of the animals to see a short film about the habitats.



Urban habitats


Woodland habitats


Pond habitats


Then choose one of the worksheets below to draw a map of your local habitat.

Story time - Never Tickle a Tiger!