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Tuesday 18th

For English today, I would like you to look at the images and tell the story of Rose Blanche. You are to make notes, which can then be turned into a story tomorrow:

Describe what Rose is like as a person

Describe what she sees (the boy, the mayor, the officer, the soldier). remember to show and not to tell eg the boy stood trembling in the street, tears running down his face.

Describe how Rose flet seeing the scene.

Describe the route she took to follow the lorry (this should be very short).

Describe what she saw at the camp and what she decided to do. 


Bullet point phrases and ideas under different headings.


Mental division


For RE I would like you to look at the video clips and then describe an infant baptism and the baptism of an adult. I would then like you to write a prayer that could be said at a baptism in which you promise to help the child along their path to being a Christian.