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English - today you will be planning your own story based on Painted Skies. Use the link below to take you to the lesson. The sheets that you will need are attached below as well. 

For anyone that struggles to access the voice recordings on the sway file, a transcript is attached below - Mrs Leeson's instructions for planning the story. 


This session we are going to start off by practising our multiplication skills then we are going to continue our learning about place-value.

Complete the multiplication grid attached below

Login to ‘MyMaths’

Click on this link to take you to the lesson about place-value (this will only work if you have already logged in).

Complete the task set .





Writing sentences

On the first part of the sheet you need to identify the sentences.

Remember, sentences have capital letters, full stops and they make sense. They must contain a verb.

Then have a go at writing 3 sentences of your own. Check them carefully when you have finished.


Complete the comprehension attached below. It is linnked to our science topic 'Living Things and their Habitats'

PHSCE - this term our unit is  called - what jobs do people do.

The first thing that I would like you to do is to interview the adults at home. Ask them what jobs they have had. What did they have to do? What did they like/dislike about the job?

Then, I would like you to think about what job you would like to do when you are older and complete the sheet attached below by drawing a picture in the though bubble then, on the back, write 2/3 sentences explaining why you chose that job and why you would be good at it.


Enjoy part two of chapter 6 - Charlie and the Chocolate factory