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Editing and Improving

Part 1 - use the skills that you learnt yesterday to read through your own writing. Check the spellings and the punctuation. Also, check that your sentences make sense. 

Part 2 - think about how to improve sentences - we learnt about doing this last Wednesday. Choose 3 sentences to improve vocabulary and extend with additional detail. 

Like we do at school, you could use a crayon so you can easily see your changes. 

There is a checklist attached below that might help your remember what to look for. 

Maths – adding three 1-digit numbers

Complete the sheet attached below. Remember - put the largest number first to make it easy to count on. 

Don't forget to look for number pairs to 10 to help you.


Watch the video and complete the activities on this link.

Complete the sheet below by finding the verb in each sentence, then writing it in the space underneath.

Comprehension – complete the comprehension – Birds in your Garden

PHSCE – last week we thought about the job that we would like to do when we are older. This week, you are going to have a think about other jobs that people do and the skill and knowledge they need to do them. Read through the PowerPoint then have a go at matching the cards up on the sheet attached.

Story – chapter 10 – part 1