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WB 01.03.21

Start your day in a mindful way...

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Hello 2AB!

I hope that you are happy and healthy and that you are looking forward to returning to school.


In maths this week we are going to focus on converting measures.  We will start by looking at converting units of length, wight and capacity. This work involves you multiplying or dividing by multiples of ten. For example, 1metre = 100centimetres. To convert from metres to centimetres we multiply by 100 (5m = 500cm). When converting from cm to m, we divide (560com = 5.6m). To complete this work, think back to our work on multiplying and dividing by multiples of ten. Write down your place value headings and move the number to the left if multiplying or right if dividing. Look carefully at the top of the sheet for more advice. The end of the week looks at time. I have uploaded the Click and Safe booklets so that you can complete one set of questions from each booklet each week.

In English, we are going to continue looking at the story of Sherman and his flying machine. This week, the focus will be on how the machine works and we will be writing an explanation text. It is important that you look at the clip of Sherman starting up the flying machine very carefully and make clear notes which contain causal language. Grammar this week revises parenthesis (adding extra information to a sentence) and guided reading looks at the life of the aviatrix Amelia Earhart. Geography looks at what farming is, and science investigates reflection. There is also some PSHE on staying safe online and DT on design criteria. Thursday is World Book Day and I have included a few activities for you. Mr Rawlinson rapping The Gruffalo is a must! I hope that it all goes well.


Sending work in

I would be grateful if you could mark the maths using the answer booklet and if a parent or guardian could let us know in an email how the maths has gone for the week. The work in English can be completed on a work document or handwritten work can be scanned and then sent to school, if possible, each day. Finally, there are some spellings for you to learn.

  Lesson 1 Lesson 2 Lesson 3 Lesson 4
Monday Times Tables Rockstars


Converting units of length

Complete times tables grid.



Comprehension on fire drills



Design and technology

Using research to develop design criteria


Tuesday Times Tables Rockstars


Converting units of weight

Complete times Times tables grid.


Analysis of features 

Look at the example explanation text and write down the purpose, audience and text type. Read through the text again and look at the presentation and toolkit. I would then like you to list as many features of an explanation. Think of these as the ingredients that would go into writing this type of text.





Online safety

Look at the powerpoint and then draw a mind map with the heading “What are the dangers online?”

Look at the sheet about minimum ages and fill in what you think the legal minimum ages are, then look at the answers. 

Look at the logo displays and write down what you know about these different sites.

Look at : CBBC Lifebabble - Staying Safe Online - Bing video

Write down your thoughts about the video.


Produce a set of instructions for staying safe online.

Me online - My Safety Net

Staying safe online | Childline

Look at the website for examples of some rules for staying safe online. Can you think of any others? Which do you think is the most important rule and why?


Wednesday Times Tables Rockstars


Converting units of capacity

Complete Click wk6 as a starter activity 



Look at the powerpoint and then complete the questions on parenthesis. This is all about adding extra information to a sentence, using ( ), , ot - - (brackets, commas or dashes). When we take out the extra information, the sentence still makes sense. Use a variety of punctuation to show your parenthesis. 





What is reflection and how can we use it?

Thursday World Book Day Activities


Units of time

Complete Safe wk6 as a starter activity 


Making notes

See the instruction sheet


Types of farming with a focus on arable.

Look at the presentation and answer the questions as you go through it. Look at the three videos on on different types of arable farming.  Use these to answer the questions on the last slide.


Friday Times Tables Rockstars


Time revision



Writing your explanation text

Using your notes and plan from yesterday, draft your explanation of how Sherman’s invention works. Keep referring back to the ‘Features of an explanation text’ document to help you with the language and structure of your writing. Try to include examples of parenthesis in your work. You can always look back to your work on parenthesis from earlier in the week.

Guided Reading

Amelia Earhart