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WB 04.01.21

Hello 2AB!

I hope that you are happy and well. It was lovely to see you yesterday, even if it was only for a few hours, and I look forward to seeing you all again in the not too distant future. Exciting news: today I received an email from Mr Jenrick's office who were very complementary about your letters. Hopefully it won't be long before we receive a reply in writing.

In maths this week we are going to continue looking at Number and I have put scans from the Y4 and Y5 textbooks along with the answers. In addition, I have uploaded the Click and Safe booklets so that you can complete one set of questions from each booklet each week. In English, we are going to start looking at discussion texts, and the work takes some inspiration from the book 'Bill's new frock' by Anne Fine. In PSHE our topic is on 'relationships' and the first lesson looks at bullying and teasing. Science this term is on forces and magnets and finally this week there is a comprehension on 'The Evil Genie.' I would be grateful if you could mark the maths using the answer booklet and if a parent or guardian could let me know in an email how the maths has gone for the week. The work in English can be completed on a work document or handwritten work can be scanned and then sent to me by Friday each week. Finally, there are some spellings for you to learn. I will be in work several days each week and so there may be a delay in getting back to you, but please do send in your questions and English work regularly using the class email.



  Lesson 1 Lesson 2 Lesson 3 Lesson 4
Wednesday Times Tables Rockstars


Complete Click 1 as a starter activity and then complete questions on rounding. You should start at a level (Y4 or Y5) and section (A, B or C) that will challenge you. Take care to write down what place value you are rounding to eg nearest ten, hundred, thousand. Remember to underline from that point as we did in class and look at the digit immediately to the right. If this is 1-4 you round down (the digits you have underlined do not change). If it is 5-9 you round up and the digits you have underlined go up by one. Mark and correct your answers.


Read chapter one of Bill's new frock and complete the comprehension questions. Take care to write in full sentences and refer to the question in your answer.

Science lesson on non-contact forces.
Thursday Times Tables Rockstars


Complete Safe 1 as a starter activity and then complete the questions on negative numbers. Start at a point that will challenge you and mark and correct you answers at the end.


Choose one of the discussion texts and read it carefully. Use the first few slides of the presentation and write down the purpose, audience and text type. Read the text again and write a list of all the features of the text. Use the presentation to add more ideas to your analysis. 


Read through the presentation and complete the activities on bullying and teasing.

Friday Times Tables Rockstars


Look carefully at the examples at the top of your sheet and complete the magic squares questions. Again, mark and correct at the end.


Look again at the discussion text that you used yesterday to complete your analysis. Imagine that you are planning this text and complete a brief plan on the planning sheet. Aim to include all of the main points in each section. When you have finished, read through your notes. Could you use them to write the discussion text? 

Comprehension: The evil genie


Year 5 Spellings