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WB 08.02.21

Hello 2AB!

I hope that you are happy and healthy and that you are enjoying your studies. I continue to be impressed by the quality of work that you are sending in. Very well done! 


In maths this week we are going to start by looking at the relationship between decimals and fractions. With a decimal, we split the number one into equal parts. If we split the number one into ten equal parts we have tenths, one hundred equal parts and we have hundredths, one thousand equal parts and, you've guessed it, we have thousandths. A fraction is similar. We have our whole (this could be anything eg pizza, cake, box of pencils, children in a class). This whole or one is split into equal parts. If it is split into two equal parts, we have halves, three equal parts, we have thirds and so on. The number at the top (numerator) tells you how many parts you have. The number at the bottom (denominator) tells you how many parts your whole is split in to. So in 3/4 our whole is split into 4 parts and we have 3 of them.  We then go on to have a look at equivalent fractions, before focussing on mixed numbers, ordering decimals and then finally adding/subtracting and multiplying.  In addition, I have uploaded the Click and Safe booklets so that you can complete one set of questions from each booklet each week.


In English, we are going to continue looking at diary recounts, taking inspiration from a short film about a young boy who spends the day with his grandfather. Grammar this week focuses on punctuating speech and guided reading continues to look at Bill's new frock. In PSHE we consider good and bad secrets, art takes inspiration from Frida Kahlo to produce more portrait work and science investigates the uses of magnets. Finally there is work on the family in Spanish.  


Sending work in

I would be grateful if you could mark the maths using the answer booklet and if a parent or guardian could let me know in an email how the maths has gone for the week. The work in English can be completed on a work document or handwritten work can be scanned and then sent to me, if possible each day. I am teaching in the morning and will be able to look at it in the afternoon. Finally, there are some spellings for you to learn. As I am in school each day, there may be a delay in getting back to you, but please do send in your questions using the class email.

Start your day in a mindful way...

Still image for this video
A practitioner from the Healthy Minds Lincolnshire team talks you through the 'my happy place' exercise to help bring you back to the here and now when you notice your mind focusing on worries or negative thoughts/feelings.
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Monday Times Tables Rockstars


Complete times tables grid.

Decimal equivalents to fractions.


Note taking

Watch this clip from The Literacy Shed which tells the story of a young boy's adventures with his grandfather after he has been dropped off by his dad for the day. The relationship between the two develops and concludes in a realisation by the father that he is neglecting his son. I would like you to make notes on how the boy is feeling and what he sees, smells, hears, touches or tastes at these points:

In the car with his dad;

getting out of the car and listening to the health and safety list;

sitting on his own while grandpa cuts the grass;

finding the photograph;

escaping from the monkeys;

sailing down the river and over the waterfall;

flying and parachuting;

fighting the aliens;

dad being annoyed at the dirt; 

finally having some fun with dad.


If the boy doesn't use a particular sense, just leave it out.



Have a look at the power point of Frida Kahlo.


Using the skills you learnt last week. Draw a self-portrait. Surround your drawing with items, colours and places which reflect you and your life.

Tuesday Times Tables Rockstars


Complete times tables grid.

Equivalent fractions.



Look back at the clip from the previous lesson. I would like you to write a diary from the point of view of the little boy and use the notes that you made yesterday to help you.



Mention how disappointed you are that you are going to grandpa's house and that your dad has, yet again, let you down.


Health and safety

Mention what your dad tells grandpa about all the health and safety issues and how this annoys you.


On your own

Describe your feelings of boredom and being ignored while grandpa cuts the grass.


Finding the photograph

Describe how your boredom changes into curiosity as you spot the photograph. Put lots of description in your writing when you tell the reader how you climbed up the shelves.


To help your writing flow, use fronted adverbials and pronouns. The style of the writing is quite informal and should tell the reader what you were thinking. Remember, don't use direct speech. 


The family

Read through the presentation and complete the activities.

Wednesday Times Tables Rockstars


Mixed numbers.

Complete Click wk4 as a starter activity 


Completing the diary

In this lesson I would like you to complete your diary recount.

The boy has lots of mini adventures (monkeys, crocodile river, plane, aliens). These should be described as a series of short paragraphs. Create excitement and pace by using:

short sentences

great description with adjectives, adverbs, similes and metaphors.

Include the sounds that you hear eg bang. This is called onomatopoeia.


When your dad arrives, the pace of the text changes. Describe your feeling of guilt as he tells you off for being dirty and then joy as you go on an adventure with him. 


Science lesson on the uses of magnets.
Thursday Times Tables Rockstars


Addition and subtraction of fractions.

Complete Safe wk4 as a starter activity 


Edit and improve

Read through your diary and edit and improve your text.



Think about what a secret is and if there are good secrets and bad secrets.


Good secrets:  · Nice surprises and Things that make you happy · Birthday presents and cards · Flowers and gifts · Plans for a surprise family trip out or visit · Bank account numbers · 


Bad Secrets: “I’ll tell you, but it is a secret. You can’t tell your parents or staff. They might not understand.” · Secrets that make you feel unhappy 


Complete the Kids in the know activity and discuss what strategies a child could use when facing a bad secret. 

Friday Times Tables Rockstars


Multiplying fractions.


Direct speech

Guided Reading

Bill's new frock chapter 6