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WB 25.01.21

Hello 2AB!

I hope that you are happy and healthy and that you are enjoying your studies. I continue to be impressed by the quality of work that you are sending in. Very well done! 


In maths this week we are going to continue looking at a different topics related to multiplication and division. The week starts with multiplying and dividing by ten before looking at formal methods for multiplication and division. We then move on to square and cube numbers before looking at problem solving. I have put scans from the Y4 and Y5 textbooks along with the answers. In addition, I have uploaded the Click and Safe booklets so that you can complete one set of questions from each booklet each week.


In English, we are going to start to look at diary recounts and our writing will take inspiration from another Anne Fine book, 'The diary of a killer cat.' Grammar focuses on fronted adverbials and guided reading continues to look at Bill's new frock. In PSHE we will consider privacy and science looks at magnetic fields. Finally there is work on the family in Spanish and artwork on drawing a face. 


Sending work in

I would be grateful if you could mark the maths using the answer booklet and if a parent or guardian could let me know in an email how the maths has gone for the week. The work in English can be completed on a work document or handwritten work can be scanned and then sent to me, if possible each day. I am teaching all day on Monday and Tuesday and will not be available on Wednesday afternoon. However, I will be able to look at work in the evening. For the rest of the week, I will be teaching in the morning and available in the afternoon. Finally, there are some spellings for you to learn. As I am teaching each day, there may be a delay in getting back to you, but please do send in your questions using the class email.

Start your day in a mindful way...

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For this week, a Healthy Minds Practitioner talks you through the finger breathing technique which is a quick way to calm yourself when you are feeling particularly worried or anxious.

This week, we would also like you to watch the Pig of Happiness story - click on the image below.

  Lesson 1 Lesson 2 Lesson 3 Lesson 4
Monday Times Tables Rockstars


Complete times tables grid.

Multiplying and dividing by ten.



Complete the questions on chapters 1 and 2 of Diary of a killer cat by Anne Fine.


How to draw a face

Follow the instructions and have a go at drawing a face.

Tuesday Times Tables Rockstars


Complete times tables grid.

Formal multiplication


Analysis of features 

Look at the example diary and write down the purpose, audience and text type (diary recount). Read through the diary again and look at the presentation and toolkit. I would then like you to list as many features of a diary. Think of these as the ingredients that would go into writing a diary.


The family

Read through the presentation and complete the activities.

Wednesday Times Tables Rockstars


Formal division

Complete Click wk2 as a starter activity 


Planning a diary recount

Look again at your example diary from the previous lesson. Imagine that you are about to write that very diary and need to plan it. Write bullet points in each box to create a plan.


Science lesson on magnetic fields.
Thursday Times Tables Rockstars


Square and cube numbers

Complete Safe wk2 as a starter activity 


Editing a text

Oh dear. He's done it again. Mr Blair was sleepy and didn't produce a very good diary recount. Please help him by correcting his mistakes and writing out the correct version.


sp next to spelling mistakes;

cl next to capital letter mistakes

fs next to full stop mistakes

punc next to any other punctuation mistakes.

Sense next to any parts that do not make sense.

Correct mistakes on the sheet and then write out a corrected version. Send this version to me for marking



The outcome of the lesson is to produce an information sheet on online privacy. Before that, there is a key terms matching exercise and then series of questions based on a video link. After that, look at the presentation for ideas on how to create your infographic on online privacy. 


Friday Times Tables Rockstars


Problem solving


Fronted adverbials

Read through the presentation and then complete the matching exercise. This asks you take make sentences by matching up a blue with an orange tile. Then complete activity one by thinking of phrases to complete the sentences.

I have also included two 'more practice' sheets for those who would like to consolidate their learning.  

Guided Reading

Bill's new frock chapter 4