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WB 4.1.21

 Please see the timetable below for daily lessons and the stars underneath for the activities.



Maths -

Look at the work in each section and start at the place you feel is the most suitable for you. Think about which section you start on in class. Mark your work when you complete the section and correct any questions you may have got wrong. You will often have enough time to start working on to the next section. 


English - 

If you use words from the sheet in your work then you must make sure you spell them correctly. It is important that you also maintain high standards of presentation and handwriting and ensure capital letters and punctuation marks are used accurately.


  English (1 hour) Maths (1 hour) Topic  (1 hour)


complete both sheets

Rounding numbers

Guided reading

Kensuke's Kingdom

Chapter 1

Read the instruction sheet

before you start working.


Parenthesis in writing:

complete both sheets

Negative numbers Grammar - Clauses

Using parenthesis in writing

Negative numbers in context Art - Drawing and Sculpture