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Week 2 (WC: 01/03/21

Hello 2LR!


One week to go! Please try your best to complete the work set within the booklet, as always, additional resources will be posted underneath each day. We did an amazing job last term, let's keep it up!


Please keep forwarding on work to: so I can have a look through the fantastic things you're doing at home.




A few generic things for this week:


- On Thursday it is World Book Day - Please have a try at completing the challenges set in the booklet!

I have even had a try at one myself! (keep your eye under Thursday additional resources)


- I am working in school during the mornings, opposed to afternoons - I will be picking up emails as often as I can to answer any questions!


- Microsoft Teams meeting will be continuing with the children. This will be an opportunity for the children to interact with me and more importantly each other. Details will be sent via ParentMail, so please keep an eye out for this.


- Videos will be published underneath each day, they're classed as 'additional resources' - Please check here - especially for maths and English.


Below I have added our weekly timetable with a briefing of what we shall be covering this week, these will be all the lessons we shall be covering throughout the week. Hopefully the videos will continue to be a success following last week.

Please try your best to complete the work set - As you all know, it follows what we're doing in the classroom!


I shall continue to attach a 'Self Regulation' chart - this is a little bit like house points, but with 5 to be scored per lesson! I have seen plenty of high scores, so I am glad this is working!


Please keep yourselves safe, and you will see me virtually, very soon.


Start your day in a mindful way...

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What are the 5 Ways to Wellbeing?
A short animation from Rochdale Borough Council.

Week 2 - Timetable.


Please find the Self-Regulation Chart below for children to score points across each lesson.


Monday TTR Maths             English             Guided Reading                D&T
Tuesday                              SAFE                  Maths           English           Spellings                     PSHE              
Wednesday CLIC Maths English Guided Reading Science


(World Book Day)

TTR Maths

World Book


World Book


World Book


Friday TTR Maths English Guided Reading D&T



'As much as possible':

Reading: Please keep up with reading - note down in planners to track, as this is a crucial push following assessment week!

Timestable Rockstars: Please practice daily!

My Maths: Additional maths work accessed online - details to login are on our class home page/ back of planners.


Maths: This week will shall be covering time. Please ensure you watch the videos underneath additional resources for a complete breakdown of how questions can be answered.


English: Over the next two weeks for English we will be analysing and writing humorous poetry for an audience.


Guided Reading: We will be looking at different chapters from our class novel 'The Boy Who Grew Dragons' - answering questions based on the book. Finishing off with a comprehension task on Friday! Remember to give reasons why when answering, and to use the question to begin your answer!


Spellings: Looking at the spelling rule and practising our spellings - Please remember to complete these in your planners as well as the two lessons in the booklet! 

Y3: Looking at the prefix 'auto' 

Y4: Looking at the prefix 'inter'