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W/C 7.2.22

We hope you are all feeling ok.

This week is Children's Mental Health week. Everyday we will be completing a number of activities. 

To access these click on the link below.


Please complete 'my maths' homework and a Times Table grid.

This week is Multiplication and Division.

We normally use a practical method using counters/drawing. We had added a couple of video's which may help.



 In school, we are multiplying 2 digit numbers by 1 digit numbers using practical equipment like on this video.


You could draw the counters rather than use practical equipment. These are the calculations we are doing. Please add some of your own.

12x4=                        13x5=           16x3=          14x4=            18x2=

15x3=                         27x2=          22x4=



Please complete the sheet. 


Complete these as number families.4 calculations for each 2 multiplication and 2 division.

18,6,3                                     20,5,4

21,7,3                                     24,6,4

30,6,5                                     32,8,4


Below is a helpful video.

Division -Bus stop method

Complete the sheet. There is a Yr 2 Sheet and a Yr 3 Sheet



Solve word problems using multiplication and division.

There is a Yr 2 Sheet and a Yr 3 Sheet



Please read at least 3 times during the week.

If you have finished your reading book, choose a book from home.

Please complete your spellings which are in your planner and your homework for this week.


Complete the comprehension.


Grammar and Punctuation

Please complete the sheets on adverbs and 'a' or 'an'.


Look at the picture of the evacuees on the railway platform in the slides of the book. Using your knowledge of how evacuees felt. Write a few sentences describing what it would be like for Lenny leaving his Mum and boarding the train. Try to show the emotion in your writing not tell .

Eg The a tear slide slowly down his pale face - showing the reader

 Lenny was sad - telling the reader

Try to include some speech.


Look at the garden in the book.

Write a short paragraph describing the garden.

When describing it remember to include things Lenny would see, hear and smell.

eg As Lenny wandered through the beautiful garden. The shimmering sun above him. He noticed a large stone unicorn standing proudly in the centre of the garden.

Bees buzzed amongst the delicate pink petals of a rose scrambling up the garden wall.

Try to include some adjectives in your writing.


Spelling test

Write a short paragraph describing the garden at night.

Can you make it sound spooky.

 Eg  As Lenny dashed through the garden. The shadows engulfed him. Silently, the clouds parted and the shimmering  moonlight bathed the unicorn in a pale light. 

Try and use an adverb to start one of your sentences.


We hope you have a lovely half term.