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Wednesday 25.11.20

Good morning Class EJ - it's Wednesday already!


As today is usually our PE day, you might notice there are a few more active elements to today's tasks! As you know, it is important to exercise and it is really tricky to do so when we can only really go into our gardens at the moment! 


There are a number of online videos today. Please remember to only access online resources with an adult's supervision. More information can be find on


Please find below today's timetable and activities. Don't worry if you are unable to print out any of the sheets, you can write down your answers / ideas onto your own paper.


Remember, a parent/carer can send photographs of your work to our class email address: Also, if you have any questions regarding today's activities, please use our class email address.


Well done to those of you who accessed the Phonics activities and extra Maths challenge on Education City yesterday- don't forget to have a look for today's challenges I have set. Also, I love receiving emails and Tapestry observations showing me your work, so please, keep those coming too!


Please continue to take care,

Mrs Jackson

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Additional activities


1. Use relevant video below -

watch either Mrs Jackson's Group or Miss Cook's Group

2. Complete today's Education City activity 



1. Go Noodle - Banana, Banana Meatball song - see the video

2. Work through the slides about patterns below.

2. Complete the sheet below.

3. Complete today's Education City activity (2D shape consolidation)



Handwriting focus

1. BBC Supermovers - 

Alphabet song - see the video below

2. Complete the handwriting

sheets below - remember to take your time and think carefully about

how you are forming each letter. Start by looking at the guide sheet -

if you are able to print off this sheet, you can write over the top of the letters, otherwise, use a piece of paper of you own - lined would be helpful. Then, complete the relevant sheet of words (using Phonics groups). 



I know how much you all love your Spanish lessons with Ms. Lauder. Below, I have popped one of your favourite videos on for you to enjoy!



As you know, today is usually our PE day! Why not try one of the Cosmic Yoga videos by clicking on one of the links? There is a choice of Minecraft or Alice in Wonderland - both on YouTube.





Enjoy today's Story time video - 'Blown Away' by Rob Biddulph. 


10 x minutes reading - use your school reading book or access online reading resource - Oxford Owl - using the login instructions provided


10 x minutes spelling practise - use the relevant sheet below - check in your planner for your words.

Mrs Jackson's Phonics group

Miss Cook's Phonics Group

Maths warm up - Banana Banana Meatball

Patterns made of shapes, patterns made of grapes. Patterns in the air, patterns everywhere.

English warm up - Alphabet Song | BBC Super Movers

Naomi Wilkinson brings the alphabet to life with this memorable song and movement routine.

Spanish - Days of the week song

Story time - Blown Away

Perhaps you could make a kite out of bits and pieces at home and try to fly it in your garden? I hope you don't get blown away though! Have fun!