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Create a final copy of your story on the paper attached below in your very best handwriting. Then ask as adult to photograph it and send it in.


This session we are going to start off by practising our multiplication skills then we are going to continue our learning about number bonds and addition facts.

Complete the multiplication grid attached below

Login to ‘MyMaths’

Click on this link to take you to the lesson about number bonds and addition facts (this will only work if you have already logged in).

Complete the task set.

Spelling – write each of your spelling words in a sentence (spelling homework sheet)

Spanish - watch the film on the 'Sway' then complete the work attached below.

RE – today we are going to think about a time when Christians show their thankfulness to God.

Watch the video, then have a go at writing your own acrostic poem about harvest.

Read through the information on the PowerPoint to help you with your writing. 

Story – chapter 10 – part 2