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Week starting 4th January 2021

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For help with Maths this week you can watch BBC Bitesize - counting in tens and ones - click here.



What have you been doing while you have not been at school?

Today we are going to share our news and write about our favourite time during the break.  Did you go for a walk and see something interesting?  Did you enjoy a meal with your family - maybe you helped to prepare and cook it?

Use the sheet below, or your own paper, to draw a picture and then write about your news.






Phonics and Spellings

We are looking at the alternative

spellings for the /igh/ phoneme,

Have a look at the spotter sheet.

Underline or highlight all the 

words you find with the /igh/ 

sound.  What different spellings

did you find?



Have a look at the hundred square. Can you say all of the numbers?  

Write the numbers 1 to 10 on small squares of paper. Choose 2 cards.  What 2 digit number can you make?

Choose 2 more cards.  What number have you made this time?

Practice counting from the first number to the second number you have made.  Do you need to count forwards or backwards?

Practice making a few more numbers and counting.

Then complete the sheet to write the numbers.


Stand in your garden and use the sheet - or write on a piece of paper what you find when you explore with your senses. What do you use to hear, see, smell and touch?















Today we are going to be thinking about grammar and talking about verbs. 

Watch here to find out about verbs.











Phonics and spellings

Can you write down all the split digraphs you know?  Tell your grown up the sounds these digraphs make.

Then read and sort the words with the /igh/ phoneme into the grid.  What do you notice?


Use your number cards from yesterday to make a 2 digit numbers.  How many tens in your numbers?  How many ones?

Click here for help counting in tens and ones.

Year 1 - complete the worksheet below. You could use ten bricks to make a tens stick to help you.

Year 2 - print out the cards on the sheets and match the  pictures shown to the number of tens and ones.  If you can't print them out, look at the pictures with your grown up.  Tell them how many tens are shown.  How many ones?


Today we are going to be looking at hot and cold climates.  Look at the information and then complete the map to show the different climates.  Can you add the names of the continents and oceans we learned last term?









We are continuing our work on verbs.

Complete the worksheet below.



Phonics and spellings

The /igh/ phoneme.  What did we find out yesterday?  What would be a best guess for spelling?

Complete the worksheet.

Write this week's spellings in your best handwriting.


Year 1 and Year 2 complete the worksheets below - tens and ones.




Talk to your grown up about the things that you

are thankful for.  Remember, it is not just presents we are given that we can be thankful for. Draw your picture and write a sentence about what you are thankful for.




Today we are going to to think about the Northern Lights. Look at the photographs with your grown up. Perhaps you could make a picture using chalks on black paper.  Think about how they look in the sky. How could you describe them? Write down the words you might need when you write your poem tomorrow.

Phonics and spellings

Look at the phonics sheet below.  Can you read all the words?  What sound do they all contain?  Write the words into the grid.

Practice your spellings.  Can you write a sentence using one of the words?


Complete the worksheets below.  Can you say how many tens and how many ones are in each number?


It is important to keep fit and healthy.  Choose a workout to complete by clicking below.

Cosmic Yoga

Joe Wicks




Watch the film of the Northern lights.  Think about the work we did with verbs earlier this week.  What are they doing?

Add the words that say what they are doing to your sheet.

Look at the poem on the sheet below.  Use your words to complete your own poem using the template on the sheet.


Phonics ands spellings

Complete the worksheet about the /igh/ sound we have looked at this week.

Ask your grown up to test you on this week's spellings.


Complete the worksheets.  Remember to look carefully at the representations and work out how many tens and ones.

Remember you can use the link at the top of the page to help you with tens and ones.


Talk to your grown up about jobs that you know people do.  Think about the adults that you meet in school, friends and family.  Draw two of the people you have talked about and label them with the job that they do.  What would they use the money they earn to buy?


Northern Lights Pictures

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