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Week 1 (WC: 04/01/21)

Hello 2LR!

It was lovely to spend Monday with you all. I was extremely pleased to hear you all had a wonderful festive period. We as staff were all astounded with how well you all settled back into routine.

Unfortunately, our time has been shortened due to the pandemic, however, we shall not let it ruin our amazing progress together.

Throughout the Term, I shall be setting you work (and challenges!) to complete. I know how hard you have worked since September, so now it's really time to show off your learning with the people in your household! You shall still see me, and I'll still be with you (virtually) every step of the way.


Below I have added our weekly timetable, these will be all the lessons we shall be covering throughout the week.

Please try your best to complete the work set - As you all know, it follows what we're doing in the classroom!

I have also attached a 'Self Regulation' chart - this is a little bit like house points, but with 5 to be scored per lesson! See if you can beat your own score and maybe there could be a prize for you!


All English work can be sent to me directly at, you can also message me with questions about work, or even for a catch up. I shall still be working in school, but I will get back to you as soon as I can.


Please keep yourselves safe, and you will see me virtually, very soon!


Week 1 - Timetable.


Please find the Self-Regulation Chart below for children to score points across each lesson.


Wednesday CLIC Maths English Guided Reading ICT
Thursday TTR Maths English Spellings Science
Friday TTR Maths English Guided Reading PSHE