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Week 2 II.I.2I

Start your day in a mindful way...

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Healthy Minds Lincolnshire - colour breathing: A practitioner from the Healthy Minds team talks through a colour breathing exercise to help you relax and/or calm your worries.
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Complete 1 task set on My Maths

100's, 10's 1's

Look at the video and complete the sheets



Times Table Rock Stars

100's 10's 1's

Look at the video and complete the sheets



Complete a times table


Find 1,10 or 100 more or less.

Look at the video and complete the sheet.

Complete Mental

Maths Test 2

 Complete  the sheet. Look carefully at the examples at the top of the sheet.


Complete 1 task set on My Maths 


Complete the sheet. Look carefully at the explanation at the top of the sheet.



Bills New Frock - Read Chapter 2 and answer comprehension questions.

Then complete the second reading comprehension on Twinkl Go (You will need to sign up for this)


Choose 1/2/3 stars which will

determine which level of reading it is.


This week we are looking at words

with the prefixes  - sub and tele

Look at your spellings.

Check that you know what the

prefixes mean and also what each

word means. 


Look, Cover, Write and check in your planner.

Expand on 2 points 'for' and 2 'against' from your Friday ideas for 'Should children wear school uniform?

All details are below. Watch the video explaining what to do. 


Watch the video explaining how we will look at some of the different features of a discussion text. Today, we are looking at sentence openers. 


Practice  your spellings.

Spelling – play the dice



Roll 1: fancy

Roll 2: 4 times

Roll 3: backwards

Roll 4: pyramid

Roll 5: your choice

Roll 6: backwards

Speech marks - powerpoint and activity booklet - see below.

I have also added a video to remind you how we used speech marks before Christmas.



Practice your spellings. Choose 5 of them and use them in a sentence.

A Dangerous Pet

complete questions found below. 



Ask a grown up to test you on your spellings.



Spanish - Look at the power

point about Spain and

complete the activity.




Joe Wicks Workout  

(Joe Wicks is doing a live workout every Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning )  or Dance with Oti - Moana



Follow the instructions and have a go at drawing a face.


Resolving bullying

Read through the presentation and complete the activities at the relevant points.

Magnetism Lesson 2


P.E Cosmic yoga (Start at 2.42) or Joe Wicks


I.C.T Lesson 2



'Twinkl Go' has some excellent, free resources available for the children. They do, however, need internet access and you will need to have an adult sign you up to access the resources. Please do this and let me know if there are any difficulties as there are some super activities which are available.