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Week 5 I.2.2I

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Complete the task set on My Maths 




Times Table Rock Stars

Complete a times table grid.


Mental Maths Test

Complete the sheet below



Complete the tasks set on My Maths.



Listen to Mrs Hunter read The Diary of a Killer Cat. Answer the questions. 


Pirates self marking comprehension. 

Watch Mrs Hunter's video and read the WAGOLL. Write an introduction for your diary entry to set the scene. 

See spellings below

Spellings - practice by Look, cover, write and check. 



Make your own word search using  your spellings. They can be horizontal, vertical or diagonal.


Practice your spellings. Choose 5 of them and use them in a sentence

Flying Pobble.

Ask a grown up to test you on your spellings.


Art - Sculpture

This week we are going to create a


Please look at the Powerpoint on

Giacometti. This tells you about him and shows some examples of his work.  Then follow the instructions

on the word document.

 You will need some tin foil.



Spanish- Lets go to Spain

Look at the powerpoint and take a look at the ¿Hola adónde vas?  clip. 


Disney Dance 

I wanna to be like you.


The Holy Trinity.

Look at Resource Sheet 1 which gives six

words the Bible uses to describe God the

Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Look at

the Trinity images and see how many of these

words are shown in the artwork.


Use the Trinity Chant, a kenning poem (see Resource Sheet 2), to look at ‘18 things that Christians believe God does’.

Cut up the poem and then try to link each kenning to either God the Father, Son or the Holy Spirit. Consider what title you

would give to the poem. Follow up the work by drawing  several actions that you associate with The Holy Spirit, God or Jesus.


Forces and Magnets Lesson 5



After School Sport Club 

Youth Sports Trust

with Jade Windley