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Week 5 30th November

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Complete 2 of the sheets below.




Complete your homework.

Times Table Rock


We are learning about different lines.

Complete the sheet below 

Reading scales Complete section A


Market stall scales.

Look carefully at the scales.



Today is St Andrew's Day watch the 2 animations.



Making notes as you watch and then write 5 facts you have learnt about St Andrew in sentences.



Complete your homework on Questions.


Spellings - practice

by Look, cover,

write and check. 

Look at the Pobble picture. Choose 2 activities to do.

Practice  your spellings.


Practice your spellings. Choose 5 of them and use them in a sentence.

Complete the comprehension about Advent.


Ask a grown up

to test you on your spellings.


Practice your sewing.  Watch the powerpoint for instructions on

how to do  the stitches.

Have a go at threading a needle,

Tying a knot at the end and doing

running stitch, back stitch, and

blanket stitch



This week we are designing

our Christmas decoration.

(See sheet for ideas)

Have a few goes in rough and then

create your final  labelled design.

Think about the

shape, colour of

your felt and thread. Are you going to use a ribbon or string to hang it?

What is the geography of England  ?  


How does dharma influence how Hindus live? Enjoy some mindful colouring or have another go at sewing.


Please read at least 3 times this week. If you finish your book you could write a Book Review  to share with us when you are back at school.