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Week 6 8.2.2I

Start your day in a mindful way...

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A practitioner from the Healthy Minds Lincolnshire team talks you through the 'my happy place' exercise to help bring you back to the here and now when you notice your mind focusing on worries or negative thoughts/feelings.

We hope you are all well. 

We have been very impressed with the work that has been sent in.  

This is the final week before we all have a week off. So try and keep going. We know some of you are finding it hard to focus. We are very proud of your efforts this term. You have produced some excellent work and fabulous art work. Keep up the hard work.


As always please mark your own maths and make corrections and then ask an adult to let us know how you have got on. For English just send us your written work. 


We hope you enjoy the Art this week. You can make a paper sculpture, a sculpture out of salt dough and maybe if we are lucky a snow sculpture!!!!!!!!  We would love to see your creations.


It has been lovely to see you all virtually and we look forward to seeing you this week.

Parents you continue to do a great job, we know how hard it can be. Only 5 more days to go !!!!!!

Have a good week and then a well deserved break next week. Relax, stay safe and smile. smiley



Mrs Leggate's snow sculpture - a snow rabbit

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

Complete the task set on My Maths.


Pick an appropriate level and starting point and work through the questions. Mark and make your corrections.



Times Table Rock Stars

Pick an appropriate level and starting point and work through the questions. Mark and make your corrections.

 Complete a times table grid.

Watch the clip.

Work through the powerpoint. 

Complete some of the sheet and finish tomorrow.


Re Watch the clip if you need to.

Continue with yesterdays sheet.


Complete the tasks set on My Maths

Complete the sheet below.




Listen to Mrs Hunter read the last chapter of Diary of a Killer Cat. Answer the questions below.ONLY SATURDAY.

Complete Pancake Day comprehension - self marking. 

Watch the 'Enormous Pumpkin' and complete Activity 1. 


See spellings below

Spellings - practice by Look, cover, write and check. 

Complete Activity 2 of the Enormous Pumpkin diary entry. 


Practice  your spellings using the scrabble sheet below.

Complete Activity 3 of the Enormous Pumpkin diary entry. 


Practice your spellings. Choose 5 of them and use them in a sentence

Pobble: Animal Airlines


Ask a grown up to test you on your spellings.


Art - 

Make a paper sculpture after having a go at the different techniques. Look at the sheet below.

We were going to make a sculpture out of clay but as we are not in school maybe you could have a go at making a sculpture using salt dough. I have added a recipe.

You might be able to go out into the garden and create your own sculpture out of snow!!!!!!!!!!






Look at the powerpoint.

Watch the clip



Go Noodle - Can't stop the feeling.


If there is still some snow. 

Make a snow angel and  build a snowman.






Think about what a secret is and if there are good secrets and bad secrets.


Good secrets:  · Nice surprises and Things that make you happy · Birthday presents and cards · Flowers and gifts · Plans for a surprise family trip out or visit · Bank account numbers · 


Bad Secrets: “I’ll tell you, but it is a secret. You can’t tell your parents or staff. They might not understand.” · Secrets that make you feel unhappy 


Complete the Kids in the know activity and discuss what strategies a child could use when facing a bad secret. 

Forces and Magnets Lesson 6



YST - After school Club with Toby Garbett