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Week 7 14th December


  Monday Tuesday Wednesday





Complete the  block graph and

related questions. (See below)



Complete the pictogram and related questions

Times Table Rock

Stars - 20 mins

 Christmas calculation code

breaker (see below)

My Maths - complete the tasks set.




Complete the Christmas comprehension

Look at the Pobble picture.

What wish would you make? Complete the activities.



In your best handwriting

write out  your 2 favourite verses of 'Twas the night before Christmas.'


Order the Christmas story.


Ask an adult if you can bake some biscuits.

Carefully weigh out your ingredients. 

Write up your recipe.


Why do Geographers do field work?


Make a Christmas card to give to someone in your family.


Please read at least 3 times this week. If you finish your book you could write a Book Review  to share with us when you are back at school.