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Week 8

End of this academic year....have a fantastic Summer, Class EJ!

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A message from Miss Cook!

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Good morning Class EJ


As I have outlined in this week's video (unbelievably, the final one of this academic year!) I have provided you with a 'menu' of activities which you can complete over the next two days.


You could work your way down the list, or, if you prefer, write numbers 1-8 on separate pieces of paper, fold them up, put them into a pot/hat and draw one or two at a time to see what activity you will complete first.


Each activity is something fun - you have all worked so hard this year - Miss Cook and I are so proud of you all and thought you deserved some treat activities for these last two days!


Have a fantastic Summer, Class EJ. I can't wait to seeing you around school in September and hearing all about your fabulous Summer adventures.


Keep safe and take care,


Love Mrs Jackson (and, of course, Reggie and Ted!) smiley

  Activity suggestion menu...
1 Choose your favourite story out of the different ones that we have studied this year - it might be one from your Home Learning tasks or from earlier on in the school year. Think carefully about the characters and plot (you might like to draw a simple comic strip to remind you). Then, retell the story to someone at home in the way of your choosing - you might choose to write your story down, use puppets to retell the story or even act it out. Enjoy!
2 Think back over the year and all the wonderful things you have achieved since September. Using the sheet provided (or on your own paper if you wish) reflect on this year's work.
3 Usually at the end of the school year, Miss Cook and I enjoy having an end-of-school year classroom disco! Why not have a living room disco instead? Choose some of your favourite songs and enjoy a sing-a-long and a boogie!
4 Using the sheet provided, or in the way of your choosing, have a think about the Summer holidays and all of the exciting things you would like to do. I wonder what you might get up to or what new skills you might learn? 
5 During the last week of the school year, we would be preparing our classroom for the holidays by tidying away the things from the year that has passed. Why not take this opportunity to tidying your Home Learning work space or your bedroom? I have promised Miss Cook that I will sort out our classroom cupboard laugh!
6 As a treat for working so hard since September, why not enjoy a film? Close the curtains so it is dark, like the cinema, grab your favourite treats (asking an adult first, of course!) and sit back and relax! Enjoy!
7 You have all worked your socks off this year (both at school and with your learning at home too!) Miss Cook and I are so proud of each and every one of you. Print off the end of year certificate for your year group, add your name and colour it in. Well done!
8 On the last day of term, we usually get a little bit of time together to play games. Why not look in your toy box/cupboard for your favourite game and play with someone at home? Have fun!