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Week Beginning 1 June

Hi Everyone, 


We hope that you all had a lovely half term break. The weather was lovely so I hope you all had the chance to spend lots of time outside. 


We are all missing you lots and we can't wait to see you. Please ask your parents or carers to let us know how you are and what you have been doing. We have really appreciated all of the messages and the pictures that we have received so far. 


Parents - please feel free to photograph/scan any work that your child completes. We are happy to mark it and give feedback via e-mail. We are here to support in any way that we can.


Take care and we hope to see you soon. 


Mrs Leeson, Mrs Evans and Miss Hornsey

Each week you can access our 'Weekly Picture News' by clicking on the link below.  This offers news stories and some things you may wish to discuss at home.



  Session 1 Session 2 Session 3 Session 4 Session 5
Monday Andy's Wild Workouts Maths - halves and quarters

English - watch Percy the park keeper - the rescue party

Write the meanings of the words on the sheet (on the link below)

Science - Forces 

Push, pull and twist

15 minutes independent reading
Tuesday Joe Wicks PE 

English - 

on the park picture (on a link below) write as many descriptive words and phrases as you can.

Maths - to find fractions of shapes (sheet on link below) Reading - Attack of the Demon Dinnerladies! Art - drawing and painting
Wednesday Andy's Wild Workouts Maths - to identify fractions of quantities English - thinking about the story that you watched on Monday - draw your favourite part of the story then write sentences to explain.  Geography - An introduction to Oceania Geography - An introduction to Oceania
Thursday Joe Wicks PE  English - cut out the pictures from the story then, put them into the correct order. Have a go at retelling the story orally. Maths - to find fractions of quantities (sheet on link below) Spelling - Practise the next 6 spelling from your planner by writing them in a sentence.  Music - make a musical instrument
Friday Andy's Wild Workouts

Maths - Timestable Rockstars


Weekly Maths Challenges

English - Homophones Stem Challenge - The Paddle Boat Challenge Stem Challenge - The Paddle Boat Challenge


Dear Parents,

As you can see, we have tried to change to format a little from previous weeks. We would appreciate any feedback that lets us know what works best for your child. 

During the week, we are hoping to add more personalised resources so please keep checking this page for updates.


Many thanks and take care,


Mrs Leeson and Mrs Evans

Word Meaning sheet - Percy the Park Keeper

Describe the Park

My Favourite part of the story

Finding a fraction