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Week Beginning 1 June

Hello, 2EM.

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Parents and carers - For our Year 6 Leavers PowerPoint presentation/film , please could you email one photograph of your child either on their first day at school or a photo of them at age 4 or 5 years.


In addition, please could you also email one photograph of them at their current age. 

If you email the photographs to us, we will take this as you giving your consent for us to use them on our Year 6 Leavers PowerPoint presentation/film. 

Email photos to:


(Please only include photographs of your own child.)


Many thanks.

Dan and Hannah's Tennis Video

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Very impressive you two! How many consecutive strikes of the ball can everybody else do?

Freddie's Cracking Cordial!

Ethan's Excellent Work

Thank you for keeping in touch using our class email address:




Each week you can access our 'Weekly Picture News' by clicking on the link below.  This offers news stories and some things you may wish to discuss at home.


Assembly -  This week we’re joined by former England captain Stuart Pearce, who is talking about the highs and low of his international football career. We also have a special message from WWE World Champion, Drew McIntyre and Childline.


Please find below a timetable of activities for this week. We have really enjoyed seeing the work that your parents/carers have emailed in. Freddie's elderflower cordial this week looks particularly professional! 


Starting this term, we would like you to now start emailing us work each week so that we can give feedback.  This week, please could you all ask people at home to either take a photo and email, or just email us, your completed English letter of complaint which should be finished by Friday. We will then email your parents/carers back with feedback comments which can be passed onto you. 


Remember - if you wish to complete other activities, there are many more resources on the main class web page for 2EM. Please scroll all the way to the bottom so you don't miss any recently added resources. Please remember to keep reading and working on your common exception words for spelling too.


Maths this week is from the Target Your Maths book we regularly use in school. Please see below the pdf resources below the table for the question resource sheets. We have also attached the pages from the answer book so you can mark your own work this week.



  Activity 1 Activity 2 Activity 3 Activity 4
Monday Joe Wicks Y6 English

Maths - Target Your

Maths. Word problems - p38 


Your Country Needs You!


Oti Mabuse

Tango Dance Class

Y6 English

Maths - Target Your

Maths. Rounding Decimals - p52

Practise 10 Y5/6 words from your 

planner and write them in a 

paragraph of your own.

Wednesday Joe Wicks Y6 English

Maths - Target Your

Maths. Multiplying Fractions - p46

What impact are humans likely to

have on life in the future?


Oti Mabuse


Y6 English

Maths - Target Your

Maths. Dividing Fractions - p47

Encryption Challenge

Please click here to watch our instructional video and click here to see written instructions which

explain the different encryption activities covered.

Friday Joe Wicks Y6 English

Maths - Target Your

Maths. Decimal Fractions - p50


Dr Beeching changes the railways (See documents below)