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Week Beginning 15 June

Excellent pigeon work last week, 2EM!

Amazing rowing, Joel!

Still image for this video
Here is Joel learning how to row - a brilliant new hobby. Well done, Joel!

Well done too for being on LincsFM on Monday 15 June at 8:20am taking part in Kids Tell Jokes!. We are really proud of you, Joel.

Iestyn's Impressive Invention. Well done, Iestyn, these are brilliant!


Parents and carers - For our Year 6 Leavers PowerPoint presentation/film , please could you email one photograph of your child either on their first day at school or a photo of them at age 4 or 5 years. We currently only have 10 photos and still need another 22! Please email them in.

In addition, please could you also email one photograph of them at their current age.

If you email the photographs to us, we will take this as you giving your consent for us to use them on our Year 6 Leavers PowerPoint presentation/film.


Thank you for keeping in touch using our class email address:




Each week you can access our 'Weekly Picture News' by clicking on the link below.  This offers news stories and some things you may wish to discuss at home.



Please find below a timetable of activities for this week. Your reports on pigeons last week were excellent!


Thank you so much to those parents/carers who emailed work in for us to give feedback.  This week, please could you all ask people at home to either take a photo and email, or just email us, your completed English chronological report text on the history of Lego, which should be finished by Friday. We will then email your parents/carers back with feedback comments which can be passed onto you. You do not need to email your amended version back to us when you have finished your final version.


Remember - if you wish to complete other activities, there are many more resources on the main class web page for 2EM. Please scroll all the way to the bottom so you don't miss any recently added resources. Please remember to keep reading and working on your common exception words for spelling too.


English this week includes some spelling sheets which you can complete either on a printed version of the sheet or write out the work from the sheet. Your history of Lego text which is based on the Literacy Shed video should include: introduction,at least three further paragraphs on the history of Lego and a conclusion. Remeber - you can research this further if you wish and add more information. Your text should include five paragraphs, however you can expand and add more if you wish. 


Maths this week is from the Target Your Maths book and CGP book we regularly use in school. 


I have added the pdf resources below the table for the Maths sheets and will add the answer pages for you to mark your own work on Monday. 


Please click here for the weekly assembly on Togetherness.


See the club Faith at Home.


On Thursday, from 11am the Duchess of Cambridge will lead an online assembly for the Oak National Academy during which she will speak about the importance of mental wellbeing among children. The theme of the Duchess’ assembly is ‘spread a little kindness’. Click here to watch.





Activity 1

Activity 2 Activity 3 Activity 4
Monday Joe Wicks


Spelling Practice

- Monday Spelling Resource Sheet 1

(ough words) and 2 (silent letters) 

Maths - Target Your Maths.

Finding the mean


STEM Challenge

Please click here to watch our instructional video and click here to see written instructions which explain how to make your solar tower.

Tuesday Zumba Kids


Spelling Practice

- Tuesday Spelling Resource Sheet 1

(homophones) and 2 (confusing nouns & verbs) 

Maths - Target Your Maths. Magic squares.         



 - Describe your town in Spanish


 Joe Wicks


Chronological report text on the history of Lego.

Watch the video:

Watch the video on the link above. Make notes on the history of Lego. Ensure the key events are recorded in chronological order. Split your notes so that you know which events will be included in each paragraph.

Maths - Target Your Maths. Arithmagons 

This video may help as this is tricky! Click here for the video.



PSHE - do you want to be a hero?

Thursday It's disco time!


Please read the example report we have produced to help you write your own.


Using your notes from yesterday, write an introduction and first paragraph to your chronological report. Your report should be written in third person (he/she/they) and past tense.

Maths - Algebra. Please complete the expected standard sheet, then move onto the greater depth sheet if appropriate.


Year 7 Art

Understanding the basics of line, shape and tone. 

Friday Joe Wicks


Using your notes, write your chronological report on

the history of Lego out in full. Please make sure your

paragraphs are clear and have key information about

the history of Lego in each one. Email this to

Mrs Martin and Mrs Evans please so that we can give feedback.


Maths - Solving equations. Please complete the expected standard sheet, then move onto the greater depth sheet if appropriate.


Year 7 Art

Creating an abstract art work