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Week beginning 15th June 2020


Week beginning 15th June 2020


Please find below a timetable for the week.

We hope you are all well and well done for all your hard work so far.  It's really lovely to read your work and see how hard you are working at home.  Well done and keep it up! 


Hopefully we will see you soon.


Mrs. Ruddock, Mrs Keegan and Miss Steele


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Monday Maths Phonics Listen to the 'Worrysaurus' story Make your own worry box using the net template below.
Tuesday Maths Phonics In the story Worrysaurus has a letter to make him feel better.  Can you write a letter to someone of your choice telling them why you think they are special. You may wish to use the template below. Colour in your worry box you made yesterday. 
Wednesday Maths Phonics

In the story, Worrysaurus has a tin filled with things to help him feel better.

Write a list of things which you may put inside your worry box you have made.

You may wish to use the template below. 

Add your things to your worry box and talk about how they make you happy. 
Thursday Maths Phonics

Listen again to the Worrysaurus story. 

Write or talk to another person about the story. 

Would you recommend the book?  Why?   

Use the template below to make a butterfly, like the one in Worrysaurus' tummy!  Remember butterflies are symmetrical so the same on each side.  You could use paint and fold it over if you like.  
Friday Maths Phonics

Write a list of food you may take to a picnic. 

You may wish to use the template below. 

Talk about the food for a picnic and help prepare it safely. Which bits are healthy?  What is your favourite food? You could then have a picnic with your family.