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Week beginning 1st June 2020

Week Beginning 1st June 2020


Hello all, I hope you are well and have had a lovely 'half term'. 

We begin Term Six in continued unusual circumstances but we are still very much here for you.  We enjoy reading your emails and seeing all the work you are doing.  This week, when you do your work, please ask the people looking after you to try to send me a photograph or let me know how you are getting on with at least one activity.  Firstly, I really enjoy seeing your super work but secondly this will also help all the staff know which work you are finding easy, where we can help and so on.  


I've added this week's activities below.  As always, please do what you can. All the green writing is links to another website.  If the phonics lesson in the timetable below is too easy (for a few of you it may be) try the Year One lessons,  these are uploaded on the same website at 10.30am each day.  

It's really key to utilise these super phonic skills in your independent writing too. This week, the work is based around 'The Snail and the Whale'.  I know lots of you really enjoy this book. It also gives a great opportunity for writing your own story too.  I'd really like you to have a go at planning and then writing your own snail adventure.  In doing this you can really use all your super phonic, tricky word and punctuation skills.  Spend some time thinking about your story before you write and don't try to write it all in one day.  I can't wait to read them! 


Again, some of the activities this week need you to use the internet.  Please remember to only do this with a parent or carer and stay safe online.


Please make sure you read and do some exercise everyday.  We have enjoyed lots more walks this week and writing letters to deliver to friends. 


Have a great week and we hope to see you all very soon.


Mrs. Ruddock, Mrs. Keegan and Miss Steele.


  Activity 1 Activity 2 Activity 3 Activity 4

Listen & watch the story

'The Snail and the Whale'



For all the maths activities, there is also a film.

Please use this link & then select the relevant day.

The other link will provide that day's work.

Create your own snail inspired art work.  Can you create spirals?
Tuesday Maths Phonics English - create a story plan. The key character is a snail.  Where will your snail go? What might it see? What will it be called? With a parent or carer, have a look at Andy Goldsworthy's art online.  Using this as inspiration, can you create a spiral outside?  
Wednesday Maths Phonics Write your snail story beginning.   Go on a walk outside, see if you can spot any silver snail trails, where might they be going to? 
Thursday Maths Phonics Continue to write your snail story.  Do you need to edit anything you wrote yesterday?  Read it out loud, does it make sense?  Have you included punctuation?  The Whale swims a very long way in the story, see if you can spot Woodhall Spa on a map, the UK on a globe/map of the world.  Which sea are we closest too?  
Friday Maths Phonics Complete your snail story.  Read it to someone else, I'm sure they'll be very impressed! With a parent/carer, use 'Google Earth' to find our school.  What else can you see?  Can you find Tattershall Castle and Skegness? 


Just to update you, I've received some super examples of work from this week so thought I'd share.  A huge well done to these children and thank you for sending your super work and letting me share it with everyone!