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Week Beginning 20 July

Final couple of days!!

This is "Final couple of days!!"

Hello Year 2 and welcome to our last week.


Firstly, I would just like to repeat what I said in the video - Mrs Evan, Miss Hornsey and I are so proud of each and everyone of you. You have been an amazing class and we are really going to miss you all. However, we are sure that you are all ready to move into year 3 and to continue your learning journeys. You have all grown in confidence and ability, and we are sure that you will meet the challenges of year 3 with enthusiasm.

We have all loved being your teachers this year and we wish you all the best. 


For our last two days of learning, we thought that it might be nice to give you a range of activities to choose from. We have also included some activities that you could complete over the summer should you wish to do so. 

The activities are divided into sections - try to complete some from each one. 

English Activities

The emoji story challenge - have a look at the story sheet - you can print it if you wish.  Can you work out the stories from the emojis?  Write the titles for each one.  (The answers are included.)


Picture challenge 1.  Look at the picture and use the questions to help you create a story to tell your grown up or a member of your family.


Picture challenge 2.  Look at the picture and read the questions. Then, design your own poster to help find the lost cat you have imagined.


Picture challenge 3.  Use the questions to help you decide what the machine is for.  Create your advert for this amazing piece of machinery.  Now you know the fantastic things it can do, how much do you think it will cost?


Picture challenge 4.  You can print out the questions to write your answers on, or your own sheet of paper. Make sure you look carefully and read the labels to answer the questions about this creature.

Maths Activities Attached below are some work booklets covering a range of maths topics - multiplication and division, fractions, and addition and subtraction. Pick a couple to have a go at.
STEM Challenges

STEM means Maths, Technology, Engineering and Science.

On the sheets that are added below there are a wide range of activities for any budding STEM enthusiasts.  

Wellbeing Activities

Keeping moving is very important for our bodies. Try one of the challenges from the Youth Sport Trust. There are sheets with instructions on this page.  If you would like more PE challenges at home you can find them at

Save the treasure - You can watch the video of how to play by clicking here.

Balance Time Challenge - click here to watch.

In the Box Game - watch the video here.





Creative Challenges

1. Use a clean but old sock to create a sock puppet of a character from one of your favourite stories. Plan your ideas before making your puppet, using buttons, materials and other resources available to you. Write a speech for your character and perform it to an adult. 

2. Use the internet to find out about Fabergé eggs. Look carefully at the designs and colours, making notes and sketches. Design a new, fabulous Fabergé egg by drawing your ideas first before transferring it to a real hard boiled egg. Take time to add opulent details using sequins, glitter pens and other materials. 

3. Collect interesting objects from around your house. Look for things like vases, balls, toys, fruit and flowers. Set your objects out on a table and use pencils or paint to draw them.

4. Collect pebbles, wash them in soapy water and leave them to dry. Ask an adult to help you decorate them with patterns or pictures using paint or marker pens. Hide them in the garden or around the house for others to find.

5. Choose 10 different objects from your indoor and outdoor space. Draw a close up sketch of a tiny part of each object. Cut out your 10 sketches and challenge your family to hunt for the objects. How could you vary the difficulty level when you play it again? 

6. Build an indoor or outdoor castle, fort or den, for you or to share with a member of your household. Be creative with materials to make a floor, walls, roof and lookout holes. What will you call your special place? What will you do there? Design a flag and invent a secret language just for your den.


STEM challenges